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Better Results with Intentional Systems with Mike Schmitz

Join us for an interview with Mike Schmitz, who shares how journaling helps him reflect on progress made through small iterative improvements. He helps people apply values-based productivity principles and systems.

Highlights from the interview:

1. Quarterly planning and personal retreat process

Mike details his quarterly planning process involving personal retreats, where he reviews values, intentions and systems. This clarity guides weekly and daily planning to optimize focus on high-impact work.

He also explains why he doesn’t create yearly goals and why they often fail for most people.

2. Weekly and daily planning

Mike translates quarterly intentions into weekly plans by considering calendar events and top tasks. He then plans specific daily tasks while maintaining flexibility for changes. This process minimizes stress from an overwhelming to-do list.

3. Motivation, goals vs intentions, and living in the game

Mike explains how goals often demotivate through failure or a perceived lack of progress. Intentions anchored in purpose intrinsically motivate through small wins. Journaling helps appreciate growth over time to stay motivated despite setbacks.

4. Systems thinking and continuous small improvements

Seeing one’s life as an interdependent system explains current results. Small iterative improvements to optimize existing systems create lasting change better than overhauling everything. Journaling supports evaluating and tweaking systems.

5. Reflection, journaling and the importance of celebration

Mike’s personal retreat includes reflecting on accomplishments, strengths and areas for improvement. Journaling what went well and celebrating progress boosts motivation. Self-awareness helps maintain intention-driven systems for long-term success.

He also talks about creating a life theme and using that to help guide his decisions so he is focused on the important things in his career and life.

6. Developing a growth mindset and intrinsic motivation

Finding purpose beyond goals and anchoring intentions in core values intrinsically motivates perseverance. Systems already in place optimize small improvements when motivation is high. Self-reflection helps maintain a learning mindset for continuous progress.

He also explains why happy people are very productive. This was one of my favorite parts of our conversation.

You can learn more about Mike over at Mike Schmitz and Faith Based Productivity. He is a co-host of a podcast called Focused (Apple Podcast Link). You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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