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Breaking the Burnout Cycle with Callum Borchers

Join us for an interview about career frameworks to level up your business. Callum Borchers is a Wall Street Journal columnist specializing in career research, advice, and ideas. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when he explains how to use your calendar to take breaks.

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Highlights from the interview:

1. Work-life balance and mental health benefits

Callum discussed the changing workplace in light of the pandemic, with companies now offering better mental health benefits but still expecting high availability from employees. He explains why he thinks these perks aren’t going away any time soon.

2. Measuring success and setting expectations

Callum advised setting clear metrics for evaluating decisions to avoid biased assessments, using coaching as an example where expectations like profits must be set upfront.

3. Taking breaks to avoid burnout

Callum recommended scheduling breaks like exercise classes to reset, while Karl advocated disconnecting outdoors; both aim to prevent overload and its consequences like poor health. They also discuss the importance of blocking your calendar to focus on taking care of yourself.

4. Self-reflection and decision-making frameworks

Callum stressed knowing one’s self-critique tendencies to craft useful journaling, while Karl valued reflection’s role in connecting with others and considering different views. A key takeaway from this part of the interview is why successful people journal and what framework they use to grow their skills.

5. Creating autonomy while avoiding fear of failure

Callum noted the need to clarify expectations and leeway to feel confident in decisions and not fear quick removal, important for developing culture. It’s important to have these difficult conversations so everyone is on the same page.

6. Long-term vision and job security concerns

Callum suggested communicating a multi-year strategic direction to give stability amid the whiplash of the past years in the labor market and economy. It’s about understanding your standard for success.

7. Recommendations

Callum recommended Agassi’s autobiography to help illustrate the importance of finding passion in life, and they thanked each other for the insightful discussion on leading well.

You can learn more about Cal over at the column On the Clock (Wall Street Journal link). You can also connect with him on LinkedIn. 

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