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From Vision to Victory with Chrisa Zindros Boyce

Join us for a discussion about the importance of creating culture in a company. We discussed relationship-building and leadership as the focus. Chrisa Zindros Boyce is an executive coach and strategic advisor to her clients.

Highlights from the interview: 

1. Leadership lessons from past experiences 

Chrisa tells a story about a leader who advocated for her potential despite limits, shaping her empathy and rapport-focus. Lessons stick from those who invest in our growth.

She also explains the importance of learning how to tune into her gut to help her make decisions.

2. Having difficult conversations to repair relationships

She outlined tuning into ego, framing issues respectfully, and resolving conflicts through new understanding, not just fixes. True repair demands flexibility.

When we are unhappy with ourselves we often treat other people poorly. It’s this self-awareness that helps us create change.

3. Connecting employees to a company vision

Celebrating wins alongside driving progress fosters belonging for those enabling visions. Leaders must see tasks’ impacts through others’ eyes to motivate long-term.

Putting processes in place that helps the employee thrive in their role.

4. Celebrating wins to motivate teams

Drivers focus on doing more, not less. Strategic celebration of achievements strengthens why work matters for those making visions reality. Appreciation renews purpose.

It’s learning how to be intentional with where your company is putting it’s focus so you are getting great results in the right areas.

5. Current struggles and areas of focus

Chrisa juggled consultancy verticals yet leaned towards fractional COO work for its cultural impacts. Self-awareness requires applying advice despite preferences.

You can learn more about Chrisa Zindros Boyce over at her website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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