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buffett07_story1-whnWhenever I’m asked to interview someone I only do it if I have a burning desire to ask that person a certain question. Peter Buffett fell into this category, so when his publicist contacted me about a possible interview I jumped on it.

I wanted to ask Peter if people were jealous that his family was rich. Being the son of Warren Buffett one of the most famous people on the planet can draw a lot of attention, positive and negative, so I was curious about his experiences.

I was amazed by Peter’s grounded nature and willingness to think before he speaks. I should have known he would be a great interview.

I recorded the interview for all of you to listen to:

Click here to listen to the Peter Buffett interview

(Right click to download the audio to your computer for later use.)

Some of the highlights in the Peter Buffett interview is:

  • Happiness comes not from where you are, but your take on life.
  • Money doesn’t fill those empty holes.
  • Pay attention or pay with tension.
  • No matter how good we think someone else has it they struggle too.
  • Everyone has something to teach you. As long as you are willing to listen you will walk away from any interaction a better person.

The audio is a lot better than my highlights, so check it out when you have a chance. There are some really good gems in there to help your career and life.

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  2. “No matter how good we think someone else has it they struggle too.” I like that line. I think it is true. Having so much money doesn’t mean having no problems.

  3. This is a great interview, full with so many useful tips. I definitely agree with the point ‘everyone has something to teach you’. Thanks for putting together such cool tips!

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