Pound It Hard

Do you know what a builder would say if you asked, “How do you hammer in the nail?” If he didn’t laugh in your face he would tell you to swing the hammer on top of the nail until it goes in the wood. Simple and no need for a detailed tutorial.

Learning how to leverage social media’s ability to send traffic to your website is all about striking the nail so many times that you hit the mark more often than not. You know how social media works. Popular stuff gets reposted and the weak stuff is forgotten.

You have to be willing to be in everyone’s face for many years. Because if you aren’t annoying people just a little you aren’t doing it right.

Check out this awesome interview from Lewis Howes with Grant Cardone. Grant tells his secret to getting attention online.

  1. Seek attention
  2. Receive criticism
  3. Feel the hate
  4. It all builds into admiration

If you are not willing to put yourself out on a limb and say something different people aren’t going to care. People want fresh ideas that will help them in their business and life.

How can you put yourself out there so people take notice of your ideas?