Measure and Spread

I went to a new dentist yesterday because I didn’t like the old one. I picked the one my wife went to. Very smart of me. If it’s good enough for my wife it’s good enough for me.

The first person I met was the receptionist who said, “Oh, your Nikki’s husband. Cool. How are you today?” She smiled and made me feel welcome. This is what I expect when I go into a business that could potentially take thousands of dollars from me.

They ended up taking $820 because I had a cavity under a filling. They had to grind down the tooth and put a temporary acrylic crown until they have a porcelain one molded. I wasn’t upset by the price of my procedure. I felt relieved because I was being taking care of by the staff.

My money is going to the same place. Castle Dental in Austin is a chain. So the other Castle Dental I left to go to this one is still going to pay its employees, but the one that I like will have a lot more new and repeat business than my old one.

I’m not sure what Castle Dental does to train their employees, but they should take notice of the locations that they have and why they are growing vs why some are shrinking.

Simply measuring your success and implementing it within other parts of your business will make a huge difference.