55 Reasons to Subscribe to Work Happy Now

You should never have to struggle to enjoy a job because there are so many tools that you can apply. It just takes a little practice, emotional intelligence, and some friends to make it happen. Work Happy Now is all about “knowing yourself.” When you know what you want from your job, you can collaborate with the community at WHN to support and encourage your work happiness.

I’ve made a list of 55 reasons to join the Work Happy Now community through email or your RSS reader*. One of these 55 reasons will compel you to join up and start working happier right now. If not, then maybe you just aren’t ready for all this interesting content. 

* RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. Think of it as a radio signal – you just tune in and it’s sent to your reader. My favorite is Google Reader. All you need is a Google account and you can get a feed from your favorite newspaper or blog (Work Happy Now) sent to your reader. The best part is you pick the news you want to follow.

Let’s begin. Here are 55 reasons you should add Work Happy Now to your email or RSS reader.

  1. Having fun at work keeps us going back.
  2. You need to find a work/life balance.
  3. Feeling happy makes you more productive.
  4. We love to share new ideas.
  5. Your company needs a morale boost and WHN has techniques that work.
  6. Your dad told you that work wasn’t supposed to be fun. We’re proving him wrong.
  7. You want to be a great manager.
  8. You want to start your own business using positive techniques.
  9. Every work happiness artist needs a group of supporters.
  10. You can teach the techniques that you learn here to your family members.
  11. Your employees are lethargic and you want to infuse some excitement into the workplace.
  12. Living a rich life is about how happy you are, not how much money you have.
  13. You can’t fake it any longer. You want real happiness.
  14. You understand that developing your dream into a career is vital to your success.
  15. Your emotional intelligence will multiply.
  16. You want to develop a culture that encourages teamwork.
  17. Your co-worker is always happy and you want to know how they do it.
  18. You’re thinking about anonymously signing your co-worker up, but you want to check out the information for a little while before you do.
  19. Your boss put you on a positivity diet for a week and don’t know where to turn.
  20. Office politics are grinding on your last nerve.
  21. You know that your current method of working won’t make you any happier.
  22. Your company is losing money and you want to turn things around.
  23. Getting free updates in your RSS or Emails is easier than coming back to the website all the time.
  24. Your co-workers like you, but you want them to love you.
  25. You want to join in the cool crowd at Work Happy Now. We may not be cool in the way that a tattooed biker is cool, but we have to admit that we are awesome.
  26. Your spouse needs help to stop complaining about his/her job.
  27. Your stress is overwhelming and you want to stop freaking out about little things.
  28. You love your job, but you want your co-workers to love their job too.
  29. Crazy-fun ideas can spur on practical ideas.
  30. You understand that knowing yourself is the most important tool to working happy
  31. People who have fun at work are more productive.
  32. Happy Employees = Happy Customers, which means improved sales.
  33. Your company needs to foster an environment of gratitude.
  34. You believe in enjoying what you do for a paycheck.
  35. Work challenges are easier to deal with when you are happy.
  36. You would rather work happy or not work at all.
  37. Praising employees is so much better than being a dictator.
  38. You know it’s possible to enjoy your job, but you need a little help.
  39. Your company has trouble retaining good employees.
  40. You’ve been in such a bad mood that you know you need to do something about it.
  41. You want your employees to evangelize your company.
  42. You want your customers to evangelize your company.
  43. If Buddha, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln were alive they would be reading Work Happy Now.
  44. Leading with confidence, compassion and clarity is important to you.
  45. Passion is a must when working with others.
  46. You have an infectious laugh and want others to hear it more often.
  47. You can’t wait for retirement.
  48. Your company loves creativity – happiness encourages creativity.
  49. Your small business needs an edge and WHN gives that to you.
  50. You need to get your stress under control so you can live a long and enjoyable life.
  51. You want to challenge yourself to reach new heights.
  52. Leisure breaks are vital to maximizing your productivity.
  53. Life is too short to not enjoy your job.
  54. Laughing, loving and sharing is what WHN is all about.
  55.  “Work Happy the Google Way” is free with when you sign up.
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If you’ve made it this far I’ve probably convinced you to sign up via RSS or Email. Hey, you can always unsubscribe, it’s no big deal.

I understand that some people are not ready to enjoy their job. I struggled to enjoy work for many years because I was afraid to try really hard (afraid of failure) and I wanted to start my own company. Why give someone else all my hard work? What I realized is that work is so much more than just your output. It’s about creating a stronger happier you. The more you can learn from your co-workers, managers, customers, and vendors, the more likely that you will be happy.

This is your journey and we’re not going to do the work for you. It’s up to you to make your job so enjoyable that it doesn’t feel like work.


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12 thoughts on “55 Reasons to Subscribe to Work Happy Now”

  1. I love this list! I am ready to work happy now…and I am now a subscriber too!

    Great ebook too by the way! Definitely worth subscribing just for that!

    Phil Gerbyshak’s last blog post..Living the Fish Philosophy

  2. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    I’m already a subscriber but this one would have got me. 🙂

    If Buddha, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln were alive they would be reading Work Happy Now.

    Tom Volkar / Delightful Work’s last blog post..Parlay Your Wisdom

  3. Hey Karl,
    You missed #56 – it’s written by Karl, a top-notch guy!

    …not that I need a reason, you had me convinced months ago!

    (oh, and I like the Buddha reason as well – if I weren’t already here, like Tom, this would do it for me!!)

    Lance’s last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

  4. Hi Como, looks like I didn’t need 52 other reasons. What really matters is that you are in. Thanks!

    Hi Lance, you are too kind. I’m glad you’ve been on board. I always look forward to your encouragement and positive perspective.

  5. I’m already subscribed, but I agree with Tom; if I were on the fence, you would have had me with this one: If Buddha, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln were alive they would be reading Work Happy Now.

    Also this one: You have an infectious laugh and want others to hear it more often. 🙂

    Marelisa’s last blog post..10 Ways to Have a Zen-Like Day

  6. Hi Bash Bosh, that’s what working happy is all about – making it fun.

    Hi Juliet, thanks for signing up and giving me #57. #56 was written by Lance. Maybe I should have part 2 – 55 more reasons to subscribe to WHN. Just playing. I think 57 is enough.

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