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The best way to improve your company’s work environment is to watch other brilliant people who are already succeeding. Google was rated as the top place to work by Fortune magazine in 2008. There is much to learn from Google about making our working lives more fun and fulfilling. I’ve created an ebook called “Work Happy the Google Way.” A chapter from the ebook will start this Wednesday. If you don’t want to wait for each post you can sign up for my RSS feed by email or add Work Happy Now to your feed reader and get the link to download the free ebook.

“Work Happy the Google Way” will covers topics such as:

  • Google’s best management techniques
  • Improving co-worker relationships
  • Employee incentives
  • Solid strategies that you can use to improve your life at work.

Google didn’t just snap their fingers, throw some money at people and magically make their company one of the best places to work in the world. They took the time to research was to create an environment that would help them thrive as they grew. They went to the 2006 “Best Places to Work” company, Genentech, and learned valuable techniques to make their employees feel appreciated, empowered, happy, and a part of a team that was doing something special for the world.

“Work Happy the Google Way” will share ideas on how to use Google’s techniques to improve your company on many levels. It will also help individual employees find that work/life balance that eludes so many of us.


Work Happy The Google Way – Part One

The first half of this ebook will help managers understand how Google created an environment that encourages brilliant work. We’ll break these concepts down so any company at any level can create an atmosphere that works for them.


Work Happy The Google Way – Part Two

The second half of the ebook will help employees understand how and why Google employees enjoy their work and how they can cultivate this same attitude within themselves.


Work Happy the Google Way ebook will help employers:

  • Retain employees
  • Improve Communication
  • Create a Fun Work Environment


The great thing about Google is their level of commitment. They used “Pig Headed Determination and Discipline” (a phrase I am borrowing from Chet Holmes) to make their work environment the best in the world.

Google didn’t just copy Genentech’s great employee perks, benefits and culture. They saw what worked and then made it fit into their own style of business by adding their own touches to every division of their company. They stubbornly stuck to their principles and designed a culture that thousands of people want to be a part of. They don’t need to seek employees (although they actively recruit employees); the employees come to them. They receive over 1,300 resumes a day.

When I create my company, I would like to hire people who seek my company out instead of reaching out to people who just want a job to pay the bills. Google probably has a significant cash reserve advantage over your business and that can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t stop you from creating something special with your business. I see a similar passion in many companies that I purchase products and services from. Have you ever walked into a privately owned store and you just knew that they cared about every aspect of their business? And in going above and beyond you felt more compelled to buy something from them? I know I have.

This ebook won’t be just about working happy from an organizational perspective. It will also give employees at any level useful tools to improve their work habits and environment.


Work Happy the Google Way will give employees:

  • Ideas on improving their work environment.
  • Stress relief Tips.
  • Advice on Constant Improvement.
  • Guidelines to Healthy Living.
  • Techniques to help create Camaraderie with your co-workers.


It’s all about the 50/50 Effect. Working happy is 50% your responsibility. Your managers, co-workers, and quality of projects are responsible for the other 50%, but even the best boss in the world can’t make a grump of an employee happy. Every employee should actively pursue their own work happiness; otherwise they’ll just be putting in the hours to get to the weekend.


That means the employee should:

  • Speak their mind.
  • Be Friendly.
  • Share the Responsibility.


As a former employee for a billion dollar retailer to a small incorporated valve company, I’ve found that companies will put up with your needs, creativity, and personality if you produce. I’m not saying that you should be a jerk because you have a creative mind that constantly produces good ideas. If you do this you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. You may last longer than the average worker, but a semi-talented person who is likeable will win the race. Now if you can work well with your co-workers and produce great ideas then you have a winning combination that will get you ahead in any organization.

Working happy involves passion, creativity, and freedom to accomplish awesome goals along with other great people. Whether you’re working on a big project or small, it’s important to add value to the company or else you’ll feel like you are floundering. No one creates this atmosphere better than Google.

Remember, if you don’t want to wait for each post to roll around each week you can download the free ebook, “Work Happy the Google Way,” from my RSS feed button. Just sign up through email or RSS and you get the whole ebook for free without having to wait.

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8 thoughts on “Work Happy the Google Way – eBook”

  1. Hi Karl: The e-book is fabulous. I particularly like that every Google employee is an entrepreneur, and this:

    Google has an internal website called “Google Ideas.” Google
    employees submit their suggestions on how to improve a product or
    how to make things better at Google. Their co-workers can read this
    site and give their feedback by rating the suggestion and leaving
    comments. Management monitors this website very closely so they
    can stay abreast of their employees’ feelings.

    Marelisa’s last blog post..10 Ways to Have a Zen-Like Day

  2. Hi Karl,
    Very cool! I’m looking forward to reading this. The whole idea of this employer/employee relationship being a 50/50 partnership is an important point you bring up. It is not solely the employer’s responsibility to make work “fun”. Some responsibility definitely lies within the employees. Easy to forget…when we start complaining about our work environment, etc – it’s too easy to blame the establishment – and forget that a large part of the make up of the company is it’s employees.

    Lance’s last blog post..And The Word Is?

  3. Raphael@Top Web Templates

    Very interesting, thanks for the great post.
    this is why they are at the top, and still keep growing daily..

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