Putting on Your Underwear Mindset

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This site is all about working happy and I must admit. I love doing these videos. They take about as much planning and time as a regular post, but so much more dynamic.

We all use tricks to get us focused and pumped for a big meeting or a new job. What do you do to get your mindset aligned with your needs?

I use my red underwear – literally.

This PG-13 rated video does show my underwear, so look away and only listen to this video if you don’t want to see my red undies.

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7 thoughts on “Putting on Your Underwear Mindset”

  1. WooHoo Karl. I like your underwear mindset example.

    I remember when a friend and I were getting ready to take the real estate exam. The night before we went out and bought ourselves new dresses, including matching accessories. The next morning we were adorned in our new apparel, went into the test feeling confident, and you guessed it. We passed. The clothes made all the difference.

  2. New clothes always make me feel better -whether underwear, professional clothes, new bathing suit, new workout gear. I love wearing new clothes! In fact, I’m hoping to go shopping a bit this afternoon. πŸ™‚

    “my confident underwear” … made laugh out loud. Good one for a Friday! Have a great weekend.

  3. Great points and perspective.

    One of the ways I shift gears is by switching hats. One of my favorite hats is for kicking arse and taking names when I need to get things done.

    I find asking the right questions is a great way to shift focus and shift mindsets. For example, what’s the best move I can make in this scenario?

  4. Hi Barbara, it’s amazing how one piece of cloth can put us in the right frame of mind.

    Hi Stacey, blogging is all about entertaining and teaching. Just trying to bring some more fun to this blog. Glad you approve.

    Hi J.D., a hat is another great way to get in ass kicking mode. I’ve got a hat for when I mow the yard. From now on that hat is my “relaxing with the chores” hat.

  5. I don’t have any lucky pieces of clothing but maybe I should! πŸ˜‰

    I just wanted to say I loved this–it gave me a good giggle.

    I also love how you are mixing it up with video on your blog.

  6. Loved your video you made me smile πŸ™‚
    I usually try to look good especially on days when I am not in the mood even when I have to work from home I dont like to be pyjamas.
    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I make jewelry as a side business, and I have found that some of the pieces I have made for myself have taken on a “lucky” quality for me. One necklace in particular helps me feel more confident: I made it for my sixth wedding anniversary and it has come to symbolize where I am most loved and happy. Wearing it on stressful days or when I have an important event seems to give me a little added confidence. And it sparkles.

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