Your Life’s Quest with Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis is the author and founder of Tracking Wonder. In this interview you’ll learn how to build your resilience by noticing and tracking the small things that grab your interest. It will help you prime your mind and awareness to improve your day.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How Jeffrey used his strengths as a kid to grow his career as a researcher.
  • Bruce Springton’s personality.
  • The heart of Jeffrey’s research.
  • How a butterfly helped him find meaning in a difficult situation.
  • Carol Dweck’s research on Growth Mindset.
  • What helps people derive meaning and fulfillment out of life.
  • Guiding your curiosity.
  • What positives come out of curiosity.
  • Why wonderment and bewilderment are connected.
  • How we can experience breakthroughs during trying times.
  • Broaden your mind’s ability to derive solutions from a difficult situation.
  • The importance of broadening your social connections to get support through a tough time.
  • The importance of a quest.
  • Jeffrey asks me about my quest around Dig to Fly.
  • How Jeffrey processed and weathered his father’s passing.
  • Pausing his business when his father was passing.
  • Using reflection to pull out and evaluate your present course.
  • How to view customers, clients, community, friends as heroes to help you make a mindset shift.
  • How to reframe difficult people, so we can make better decisions.
  • Morning practices that help him navigate his difficulties.
  • Why he moves toward challenges.
  • Why are we so afraid to stand out and how can we embrace it.
  • The reality of your fears are usually way overblown.
  • Jeffrey’s favorite things.

You can learn about Jeffrey over at his website – Tracking Wonder. You can get his book, Tracking Wonder on Amazon. You can also check him out on LinkedIn and connect with him.

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