Sarah E. Brown

Motivational Needs with Sarah Brown

Dr. Sarah Brown is a corporate coach and trainer who focuses on helping women executives become more successful and enjoy themselves as they build their career. In this interview you’ll learn the tools to become more successful and happier in your career.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why her nine-year-old self would be impressed with who she has become.
  • How she uses journaling to help her grow.
  • She struggles with downtime.
  • The importance of having uninterrupted time.
  • Looking at our routines can help us find patterns that we can tweak to help us grow.
  • How she describes the voice in her head.
  • Why she gets so excited about running workshops.
  • The speed of information and what to do about it.
  • Finding balance in her career.
  • When someone’s motivational needs are not being met how can you turn it around.
  • How to be more direct to create clarity between you and and employee.
  • How can you outsource other people’s strengths to support your weaknesses.
  • What is self coaching?
  • What tools you need to keep you on task.
  • Understanding what goals you need to support yourself.
  • What the true meaning of the Velveteen Rabbit story is all about.
  • Favorite book, podcast, and speaker.
  • Story of Abraham Lincoln that will inspire you.

You can learn about Sarah over at her website, Sarah E. Brown. You can also listen to her podcast, The KTS Success Factor. She helps women executives thrive in their career.

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