Yes, YOU have Superpowers Now Let’s Use Them

Unlock Your Marketing Superpowers

I’m getting very tired of people not believing in their superpowers. It’s why I hate the word strengths. It’s the most overused word in business today.

We focus on things we are good at instead of doing work that we care about.

You may crunch numbers because you are good at it. You may sell toner because it’s what you know. You manage projects because people keep asking you to do it again and again.

This is so wrong on many levels. You shouldn’t be doing work based on your strengths. Yes, this should be a factor, but not the whole basis of your work. It’s also why I hate strengths test. They don’t make you think about the work that excites you. They force you to fit your work into square holes.

You have powers to change people’s lives.

It’s why we are here – to affect people by making their lives better.

The only way you are going to change people’s lives it to do work that you are good at, you care about and gets you in the zone. It’s why I created the Unlock Your (Marketing) Superpowers manifesto. There are people that are using their superpowers to change the world. It’s this connection that brings them more joy than they ever thought possible.

You need all three factors. If you don’t care and you just want to coast so be it, but it’s the worst way of living. Of course you need down time; you can’t create 24/7 or even 8/7. You need to find your time that gets you in your hot zones. Those zones when you can’t do any wrong. You must feel like your work is just plain fun.

When we are kids we learned by experimenting, failing, then trying again. We didn’t care about perfection. Then there was this point that we got it in our heads that failure is bad. We gain this conscious that holds us back from using our superpowers. We stop believing in the infinite and start limiting our imaginations.

You have to stop letting your arch nemesis hold you back. YOU HAVE SUPERPOWERS. It’s these powers that you need to share with the world.

It’s really not that hard. It takes a little work each day, but it’s the fun type of work.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What type of work gets you in the zone? (List at least 10)
  2. What type of work matters to you? (List at least 10)
  3. What type of work comes naturally to you? (List at least 10)

By digging deep into where your past successes are you can find work that will help you unleash your superpowers that will change the world.

Now you look at your list. Which actions show up on all 3 lists? It’s these actions that you have to use every single day.

Your fear may hold you back at first, but just ask yourself, are you using your superpowers to make a difference? Does making this difference matter more than your fears? If the answer is yes you know what you need to do.

If you want to learn more about your superpowers check out my free manifesto – Unlock Your (Marketing) Superpowers. Marketing is in the title because it’s what I help people do. I help them connect with people so they can change the world.

You must start using your superpowers right away otherwise you won’t accomplish the great work that will change lives.

Once you are living your superpowers that’s when your career starts becoming fun. People can leverage your superpowers and you can leverage theirs. That’s the key to a happy career. You learn to trust other people’s superpowers and they trust yours, creating life changing stuff together.

So you need to promise me to find one small task each day that you love to do, gets you in the zone, and comes easy for you then email me [karl (AT) partybizconnect (DOT) com] in one week and let me know how your career/life is improving.

4 thoughts on “Yes, YOU have Superpowers Now Let’s Use Them”

  1. Fabulous! At our company, we recruit for people who are passionate about making a difference, helping others, and creating an excellent work environment. These people love what they do, and make this a great place to work!
    So wonderful to read something that resonates with our philosophy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Karl,

    While some people have no real interest in changing the world (and that’s fine: I’m glad there are professional ball players and sales reps and fashion designers who love what they do and do it well), for others, we won’t feel fulfilled unless and until we are doing something we feel truly matters in a significant way.

    I love the question you challenge us to ask ourselves as we examine our fears and other obstacles to getting started doing what we are called to do: “Does making this difference matter more than your fears? If the answer is yes you know what you need to do.” So true!

    Thanks for the motivation, Karl. Great post.

  3. Great article Karl, and great website. I just stumbled upon it today. I like the way you frame the positive as ‘superpowers’ because it’s…very empowering! And people who want to change the world really need this.

    Thanks for posting!

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