Work Happy Tip – Go Hug a Tree

hug-tree-nowYou don’t literally need to hug a tree, but…I mean if you really want to, go right ahead.

I just want you to get in tune with your senses. When was the last time you smelled a flower?

Been a while?

When you step outside of your comfort zone and do something like hug a tree, you’ll be surprised by the reactions you feel.

I literally went and hugged a tree. I pressed my cheek to the tree, wrapped my arms around it and squeezed. I felt this warm feeling come over me, like somehow the tree understood my appreciation for all the good that it does filtering the air for us.

I know this idea will feel weird, maybe a little too uncomfortable, so it’s time to use your imagination. Take two minutes to imagine yourself hugging a tree.

Feel the bark on your skin.

The smell of the bark.

What feelings rise up?

The strength of the tree.

The strengths within you.

I guarantee your stress will lower and you’ll feel more appreciation for the next tree you touch.

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Image courtesy of Paulo Brandão

10 thoughts on “Work Happy Tip – Go Hug a Tree”

  1. I’m a fan of trees (my Kindle has a tree of knowledge on it.)

    Have you seen Avatar? There are some amazing trees in that movie and it’s all about connectedness. Just like social media, eh?

  2. Karl,
    And because this feels a little weird – that’s exactly why I think we should actually do it – hug that tree. Or whatever else it is that feels like we are stepping outside of what is comfortable. This is a GREAT idea! And for maximum benefit, it’s doing what you did, Karl – hugging that real tree! And I think it also makes us more comfortable in our own skin…which is another great benefit in addition to lowered stress levels.

  3. Hi Karl! Oh I love that you want people to experience hugging a tree! I’m a tree-hugging old hippie. There is a huge, very old tree by my lake house that I have named Elder Tree. I hug it (though it’s too big around!) and have just stood touching it, or leaning against it for it’s energy. I miss it when I am not up there at the lake. I know….crazy.

  4. You know what, Karl? Last spring I did exactly that for the first time ever, and it felt AWESOME! Nature is alive in ways we don’t even realize (I’m talking spiritually alive) and it can bring the very best out in us, too.

    Hug away!

  5. You know what Karl this is actually excellent advice and not weird at all. Hugging trees actually has healing properties, one of the biggest is what most office employees need – a grounding effect from all the ionized energy that is built up within the body from all the electronics used.

    So whether it is walking barefoot for a few minutes on the Earth or hugging a tree, this type of grounding has enormous health benefits in so many areas!

  6. Hi Karl,

    Hugging a tree–or even just connecting with one by placing your hands on the trunk and noticing that it too has a pulse of life running through it–is a great idea. As many of your readers have already noted, the action is both healing to us and to the tree. One of the activities in the Be the Change Earth Alliance Action Guide is to find a tree in your neighbourhood and spend some time connecting with it every day for at least a week. Well if you’re going to hug the tree, you might as well establish an ongoing connection with it! 😉

    By the way, I’d be happy to write up and send in my mindfulness meditation that connects me to the elements (air, fire, water, earth & space/aether) perhaps for your resource page, once I’ve finished my move and got myself settled. It’s a great meditation to do outdoors on a sunny day and preferably near a body of water–even if it’s only a local little stream!–because you can really feel the connection with each element.

  7. Karl,
    I like Suzen am a tree hugging hippie ( I was a young one;)I love flowers and do exactly what you say regularly. I think I was a bee in another life! I also agree with Evita…it’s very grounding and healing. Everything is energy and nature heals.

  8. I hugged a tree last summer/fall. Michael built a climbing wall on one of the big trees in our backyard and now we climb. it’s awesome!!! And you know me, I love the whole “get back to your senses thing”…

  9. Hi J.D., The trees in Avatar were amazing.

    Hi Lance, I’m all about lower stress levels. If a tree helps then why not?

    Hi Suzen, Leaning on a tree is another great method to connect with nature. It sounds like that lake is absolutely beautiful. You should send me pictures sometime.

    Hi Megan, Feeling spiritually alive is a great feeling.

    Hi Evita, I’ve been reading about ionization lately. We do need to reconnect with nature and unload our energy.

    Hi Sue, I would love to add your meditation to my resource page. Please send it when it’s ready.

    Hi Tess, Nothing more beautiful than nature.

    Hi Stacey, Climbing a tree is always a great time.

  10. Salvia Divinorum

    When was the last time we walked on the grass barefoot? Talk about stress relief!

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