Wine Company is Buzzing about Work Happy Now

artlogo_gifI love a forward thinking company. Artesano is definitely that. They are making honey (mead) wine from start to finish.

They make everything from scratch. They let the bees make the honey (Yes, they have their own bee farm in Vermont). They believe in high quality ingredients and excellent taste.

When I contacted Nichole, one of the owners, about helping them with their work happiness, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She was excited about the concept; I didn’t even have to do the hard sell.

We held the seminar on Sunday. Yes, I work on Sundays if that’s the best time for my client. Read their testimonial about my presentation – Karl Staib Presents His Work Happy Now Message.

I’m writing about this teleconference I did with Artesano because I want to put more emphasis on the work that I do with companies. You all know how important work happiness is to a company’s culture, especially a young company like Artesano.

Happy workers are often better communicators and they tend to stick around longer and show more loyalty to their company, to name a few reasons.

I have a good feeling Artesano will be around a long time, making their employees and customers happy.

If you think your company needs some more happiness infused into its culture, then contact me and let’s see what we can do to bring a little more productivity and joy to you and your co-workers.

If you want a quick does of work happiness then follow me on Twitter (@workhappynow). I promise to exceed expectations.


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4 thoughts on “Wine Company is Buzzing about Work Happy Now”

  1. Karl,

    I wish I had known you when I was working outside my home. Your attitude would have a wonderful breath of fresh air for many of places I worked. Most of them were small nonprofits and often the staff, while committed to the cause, were terribly overworked and not very happy. I always felt there had to be a better way.

    I think Artesano was lucky to have found you:~)

  2. Hi Karl: That’s excellent that you took the initiative to call Artesano and that they were so receptive to increasing the happiness in the workplace of their employees. It really looks like you’re on your way to creating your dream business. 🙂

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