Why you need to challenge your assumptions with Stephen Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro is a master at breaking down the problem and figuring out the best way to solve it. My favorite part of this interview was how Stephen dug into how we think and solve problems. He gives tools that you can use to bust your assumptions so you can find the best solution to a problem. 

Here are some of the highlights from our interview:

0:35 – Stephen Shapiro’s gratitude list.

1:49 – How has the pandemic helped him.

2:04 – Feeling the anxiety of the pandemic.

3:45 – Dealing with a low response from a live audience.

5:02 – How a speaker can perceive the wrong thing from a live audience.

7:00 – How we perceive ourselves and others view us.

9:19 – The importance of doing something special for your client after the event is over. 

10:35 – Digging into his processes.

11:01 – The importance of simplifying a complex problem.

11:45 – How the pandemic is changing how we work.

13:02 – Having fun with nerding out.

14:50 – Starting his business after being at Accenture Consulting.

16:30 – The first step to finding a solution is to not focus on finding a solution.

17:25 – Why we need to challenge our assumption.

19:02 – Past success is a predictor of future failure because we have blinders on.

19:50 – How we become more aware of the blinders that we create for ourselves.

22:07 – Sometimes the best solutions come outside of your industry.

24:30 – Figuring out how to apply these creative problem solutioning at work.

27:05 – Understanding what business you are in.

30:02 – Why curiosity is so important to avoiding mistakes.

33:11 – Understanding the fear within the culture of a business.

34:58 – NOW (Need, Opportunity, Will) model.

37:48 – How to check your ego at the door.

41:04 – How to combine strengths with other people at work.

42:21 – The importance of pausing before you take action.

You can learn more about Stephen Shapiro from his website. I would suggest picking up his book, Invisible Solutions, to help you be a better problem solver.

And as always if you have any questions or want to submit a guest that you think would be amazing for my show just reach out and I’ll do my best to get them on.