Dealing with a Restricted Life

One of my favorite parts about doing a Dig to Fly session is the “Aha” that comes at the end. It’s this moment that helps us understand how lucky we are to work through our struggles. Our struggles are opportunities if we can cultivate a growth mindset. This was no different for Michelle. She was stuck on how she was dealing with our restricted lifestyles due to Covid-19. It was in this restriction that caused her a lot of pain. We dug into her struggle and she came away with some really great insights.

I’m sharing this session because I want you to see the power of the Dig to Fly Method. It helps to have someone ask you the questions when you first start doing the Dig to Fly Method. After you practice with someone who understands the process then it gets easier to do with yourself.

I created this method to help people go deeper and find a broader perspective that helps them turn their struggle into stepping stones. It’s these little steps that help us get to the “aha” moment. I do the Dig to Fly on myself throughout the week if I’m struggling with an issue and always on Sunday mornings. It helps me process my week and let go of any anxiety or stress that I’m holding inside of myself.

You can listen to the full Dig to Fly session with Michelle below.

Are you interested in having your biggest struggle turn into an opportunity? 

I will teach you how to do the Dig to Fly Method on yourself. Learn more about a Dig to Fly Session. You’ll be able to figure out why you are struggling and turn this struggle into a stepping stone. The best part is you will save time and money. You’ll be able to work through your own struggles and see the opportunities where you didn’t see them before.

It’s important to make time to dig into your thoughts and emotions. When you go through the questions and dig into your thoughts and feelings that’s where the good stuff is. The only way you can learn and grow is to challenge yourself to get a better understanding of where these thoughts are coming from. Once you understand that your struggles are all a mental construct that’s when you can see them as opportunities. You deserve to feel great! The Dig to Fly Method will help you reach your goals a little quicker and with less emotional pain.