Why We Need Honest Conversations with Britt Andreatta

Britt Andreatta

Britt Andreatta was amazing on the Dig to Fly podcast. She is super smart and explains how she has overcome her trauma from when she was a kid to how she changes her daily habits. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when she explains how Oprah and Brene Brown changed her life.

This is an important interview because we not only talk about dealing with trauma, but also how to change our habits and how important a reward is to our success. 

1:01 – Her list of things she is grateful for.
2:19 – Awakenings that are occurring because of Covid-19.
2:58 – What she does to stay mentally healthy while working.
3:30 – She used to set too many goals and what she did to use her attention more clearly.
4:17 – What is a mindfulness practice?
5:38 – Enjoying just being.
6:21 – We’ve forgotten how to daydream.
7:16 – Importance of giving kids the time to daydream.
8:20 – Making time to stop and be amazed at life.
8:45 – Finding that state of flow.
9:15 – What was she like as a kid?
10:22 – Any place can be home.
11:15 – How she used her tough upbringing to grow stronger.
13:18 – The accident of her career.
14:05 – The best parts and shadow sides of ourselves.
15:50 – How much pain men are holding.
18:02 – Why we need honest conversations.
20:19 – My inner bully “Arnold”
21:04 – Cast of characters or Board of Directors in our head.
23:24 – Connecting with your higher self voice.
24:04 – Crippling panic attacks.
26:39 – Releasing old trauma – EMDR
29:16 – Background chatter that reduces our ability to connect to other people.
31:09 – Everything we do is a neural pathway. 
31:31 – We can change anything inside of ourselves. 
32:10 – You can teach people happiness. 
33:45 – We worry about other people judging us.
37:40 – Committing to change through repetition.
38:54 – Understanding your “why” when forming a habit.
39:30 – Why you should give yourself a reward when you make time to practice your new habit.
42:35 – Understanding how and when to reward yourself for your hard work.
44:15 – Annual reflective experience that I go through at the end of the year. (Here is Britt’s blog post that describes her process: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-awesome-questions-launch-next-decade-britt-andreatta-phd/)

You can learn more about Britt Andreatta from her website. I would suggest picking up her amazing book Wired to Grow 2.0

And as always if you have any questions or want to submit a guest that you think would be amazing for my show just reach out and I’ll do my best to get them on.