Dig to Fly interview with Khe Hy

Understanding Your Core Fears with Khe Hy

In this interview you’ll learn about how Khe Hy looks at his fears and how important it is to recognize these feelings, so you can make good decisions. Khe Hy is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is the founder of Rad Reads. One of my favorite parts of this interview is how he breaks down his fears and using them for growth.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Attending his first conference after Covid lockdown.
  • How his parents, who came from Cambodia, has influenced his life.
  • How he explores his past thoughts and emotions.
  • His family wasn’t rich and why he went after a career that would help him be rich.
  • He wanted to fix his situation.
  • Why he powered through to be successful and how much damage it did to his life.
  • Asking yourself tough questions to get to the heart of an issue you are having.
  • Looking at the emotional side of his life.
  • Why he has a hard time feeling his emotions.
  • How other people perceive him.
  • How tough he was on himself as a young adult.
  • How he handles work when he feels tired.
  • Beating himself up for mistakes and how he got over this bad habit.
  • Making the mental shift to be kinder to himself.
  • How he keeps mistakes into perspective so he doesn’t freak out.
  • Letting the feeling sweep you away, so you can process it.
  • Creating values as an organization.
  • Documenting all unspoken norms, so the whole team understands the expectations.
  • Why his goal to take care of his employees helps drives his company forward.
  • Why he encourages his employees to speak up.
  • His goals for his company. 
  • How he views Patagonia’s choices and how it’s influenced how he views his company.
  • Why he hired a philosophy coach to help him dig into himself.
  • Rapid fire questions – most impactful book, podcast, favorite toy as a kid, and tool to help with focus.

You can learn more about Khe over at Rad Reads. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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