Dig to Fly Interview with Christina Wallace

Let Go of Your Ego to Grow Your Career with Christina Wallace

In this interview you’ll learn about how to be bad at things, so you can finish things. Christina Wallace is a Senior Harvard Lecturer and author. I found her story about how she started a clothing company that eventually failed and what she did to recover.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How Christina cheated at the Presidential fitness test when she was young and what it taught her.
  • How to get over the overachiever mindset.
  • Why we avoid things that we are bad at and how it hurts our careers.
  • The reason she shut down her first company.
  • How she dealt with closing her company.
  • She had 30 days to get a job. 
  • What she did to get moving and find a new job.
  • Resetting her mindset after failure.
  • Why you should dig into your personality with your friends.
  • What questions she asked her friends to dig into herself and find out what direction to take her career in.
  • Building your career at your day job.
  • Why employers need to let their employees flex on their sidegig and how it can help the company grow.
  • Being full human beings in our professional lives.
  • Why opening up about our lives helps create unique connections that help galvanize a team.
  • The word gets out about your team when you allow people to be their full selves at work.
  • Why stories show the values of the people that we work with.
  • Show people who you are through stories instead of telling people who you are.
  • Why asking for help is so important.
  • Letting go of our ego when asking for help.
  • The cost of not being vulnerable can be so much higher than we expect.
  • Connecting around shared love or a shared purpose is so much more powerful than connecting around complaining.
  • Looking back at your past to start to connect the career dots moving forward.
  • Why she valued autonomy so much in her career.
  • Most impactful book, favorite speaker, tool that helps her stay focused.

You can learn more about Christina over at her website Christian Wallace dot com. You can also follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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