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The Path to Inspired Leadership

In this interview, we discuss the importance of setting intentions each morning to bring focus, forgiveness, and calmness to the day ahead. Karen Stultz is a coach and podcaster who supports entrepreneurs by shattering their self-imposed limitations. One of my favorite parts of the interview is the story of how her boss showed her how to lead with empathy and still help people improve their work.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

Empathy and listening as leadership skills

Karen emphasizes that empathy through active listening is key to effective leadership. Leaders must understand employees’ perspectives to inspire them and find solutions together.

She explains why she was afraid to ask for help and what she did to overcome this fear.

Inspiring employees through understanding

Karl stresses the need for leaders to understand why return-to-office pushback occurs, in order to flexibly find compromises like hybrid schedules. Karen agrees understanding contexts fosters inspiration over command-and-control. Understanding your values and how it matters to your employees.

Setting processes to reduce friction

Karen advocates documenting the work to justify flexible arrangements. Karen notes clarifying needs and communicating respectfully to tech support helps address challenges directly.

Finding flexibility through communication

Karen argues leaders should consider employees’ values and happiness. With open communication and caring about people, leaders can inspire loyalty through flexibility and opportunity.

Developing empathy through self-awareness

Karen’s first boss exemplified empathetic coaching through consistent check-ins. His non-judgmental support helped her improve and find a better role fit, prioritizing employees’ wellbeing. It starts with improving your listening skills. An employee must feel heard to trust their boss/manager/leader.

Morning routines for intention and inspiration

Karen’s daily routine of affirmations, oils, and talismans in bed and on waking prepares her mindset to feel accomplished and help others joyfully, with focused yet flexible intention-setting inspiring motivated action.

Recommended Book

Check out the book: One: The art and practice of conscious leadership, written by Lance Secretan

You can learn more about Karen over at Karen Stultz. You can also connect with Karen over on LinkedIn.

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