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The Relentlessly Helpful Approach: Susan Baier on Success through Generosity

In this interview, you’ll learn about why emphasizing the importance of understanding audience problems and being relentlessly helpful is so important to success. Susan Baier is a marketing expert who focuses on helping business owners with research. One of my favorite parts of this interview is why it’s so important to be relentlessly helpful.

Highlights from the Interview

  1. Thought leadership and building trust with audiences

Susan explained how research shows audiences want thought leaders to address new, helpful perspectives from those they trust, advising focusing on problems audiences face rather than self-promotion.

  1. Developing a clear niche and problem-solving focus

Susan stressed starting with the problems a niche solves before defining characteristics, advising focusing communication on problems while expanding offerings to problems on clients’ journeys. 

Focusing on the problem that they are struggling with. They will listen to you because they want to learn more.

  1. Being relentlessly helpful through consistent generosity

Susan defined being relentlessly helpful as constantly asking “how else can I help?” within business parameters, advising generosity builds trust and differentiation for leaders, employees, and clients.

  1. Establishing organizational vision, values, and goals

Susan shared that regularly revisiting goals with teams keep leaders accountable to stakeholders, advising transparency of motivations builds employee commitment to shared missions over profits. She explains that this isn’t easy to do, but very important to keep everyone inspired to do great work.

  1. Showing gratitude for those who help us grow

Susan thanked past leader Jay Baer for energizing their work through humor and fearlessness, advising gratitude routines remind people of leaders’ positive influences and build connections.

  1. Favorite Book

Check out Die Empty: Unleash your best work everyday (Amazon link).

You can learn more about Susan over at Audience Audit. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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