The Joy of Helping Others with Jon Allman

In this interview you’ll learn about how you can lead people through disagreements. Jon Allman the CEO of Endeavors, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping vulnerable families and military veterans. One of the interesting parts of this interview was how he used prayer to center himself.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What Jon was like as a kid.
  • How does Jon let out his inner kid in his role as CEO.
  • How his air force training helped him grow as a leader.
  • The importance of purpose in a career.
  • What Endeavors mission is and how they help vulnerable families and mental health and wellness for veterans.
  • Even the tough days are fulfilling.
  • The joy of helping others.
  • Noticing when people bring extra energy to a task and why it matters.
  • The importance of having common value systems.
  • What causes conflict in a team.
  • Why being a CEO is more about being a relationship manager than executing on projects.
  • Understanding our gifts and how we can better leverage them with other people.
  • Using prayer to slow down and process his thoughts and feelings.
  • Why letting go of control can be a big relief.
  • The power of being quiet and how it can give you more insight.
  • Being transparent without fear of retribution.
  • Catching a non-verbal cue from someone and how to use it as a coaching opportunity.
  • Observing other people to help improve how you guide people.
  • Why asking open-ended questions can be so powerful.
  • Seeking to understand is a perspective that helps you build better relationships.
  • How he navigates his lack of organization as a CEO.
  • Finding people who balance out your skills.
  • People only do things if they know it works.
  • How to encourage people to fail so they grow smarter and stronger.
  • The power of gratitude and how it helps him.
  • Most impactful book and podcast.

You can learn more about Jon over at Endeavors website. You can also connect with Jon on Linkedin to learn more about him.

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