The Effects of Fast Food

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Fast food is a energy killer.  I feel grumpy and lethargic after I eat fast food. The salt, grease, and preservatives can bring even the strongest person down.

Your ability to enjoy your job has a lot to do with what you put in your body. If you want to increase your happiness at work, take notice of what you eat and how it makes you feel.

Try replacing a fast food lunch with something healthier; you will improve your happiness at work.

How does fast food make you feel?


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10 thoughts on “The Effects of Fast Food”

  1. Garry - thisimprovedlife

    You are so right there. I try my best not to eat fast food anymore as it makes me feel so lethargic and bloated. I even try to minimize the food we get from take away restaurants like Chinese or Indian as not only are they cash zappers, but they are so full of MSG and other preservatives.
    As for work I always prepare a tortilla wrap the night before and fill it with home cooked food. It is also good to snack on fresh fruit. I am conducting a quick experiment at the moment where I chop up some fruit as opposed to eating them whole. I find they fill me up more and for longer when in pieces than whole. Don’t know why.

  2. Hi Karl: Fast food is basically poison. You’re absolutely right that a lot of people tend to grab a hamburger at a fast food joint when they’re busy at work, and all this does is contribute to the downward spiral of stress, being overweight, feeling irritable and tired, and having even less energy to cook healthy meals.

  3. Hi Karl,

    You are absolutely right about fast food being an energy killer. Forgive for repeating what you may have mentioned in the video(I can see it but can’t hear it on the computer I’m borrowing at the moment while visiting a friend in California.), but fast food and refined carbs can also play havoc with mood and adrenal functioning–something useful to keep in mind for any of your readers who might be experiencing either depression or anxiety. Complex carbs (whole grains),and as little processed food as possible are better choices for snacks and meals. It goes without saying that relying on multiple cups of coffee or cans of cola will also not be great choices under stress or if prone to anxiety.

    Regarding your earlier post on depression at work–I’d encourage your readers to get any symptoms of depression (low energy, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, etc) that come on suddenly and go on for longer than two weeks checked out by a doctor. There may be physiological issues that are causing the symptoms–e.g., low thyroid functioning–and no amount of emotional or motivational strategies will help until the underlying medical challenges are under control first.

    Hope these thoughts are helpful to some of your readers.


  4. Hi Karl,

    Fast food always makes me feel great for about twenty minutes and then I feel sick. I agree with you about eating healthy, especially when working. I usually have a very light lunch. I tend, however, to eat weird foods together. For example, banana and mayo sandwiches or, my latest, is a hummus and Greek olives sandwich…it’s really good.

    Thanks for this reminder:~)

  5. Hi Garry, preparing a tortilla wrap the night before is a great idea. I know it saves you money too.

    Hi Marelisa, I think more and more people are starting to shift away from fast food. In the future more natural foods will be offered in more places. Less poison and happier people. 🙂

    Hi Sue, very helpful. We have such amazing doctors, we need to take more advantage of their services. When I weaned myself off complex carbs I got a huge boost of energy. Now all I need to do is stop eating refined sugars.

    Hi Sara, banana and mayo, wow, I never thought of putting those two together. The hummus and Greek olives is more my style.

  6. Hi Karl,

    I have cut back on my fast food intake significantly in the last several years. Now personally, I was at the healthiest point of my life when I ate fast food almost every day… BUT this was Taco Bell, which is not as bad as most fast food, and I was working full time doing physical labor, so I was able to get almost 40 hours of light exercise a week. I have no idea how people can eat as much fast food as they do and work at a sit down job. It seems like a recipe for a shortened, less enjoyable life to me.

    It takes effort to prepare healthier solutions. (And they don’t even have to be fruits and veggies. Even a homemade hamburger is usually better for you than something from a drive through) But the effort is so worth it. I think that people should try to go for 30 days without fast food, and then see how it affects them.

  7. I can’t remember the last time I had fast food. I absolutely refuse. It’s why I never leave my house without a bottle of water and a piece of fruit. I get hungry a lot during the day, and will not give in to a drive thru.

    Maybe it’s because as a teen I worked at mcdonald’s for more than 2 years and know too much!

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  9. Definitely don;t eat fast food. If you want energy during the day don’t eat at all…just drink a continuous stream of red bull and lattes! 😉

    Just kidding! Definitely avoid the fast food though. Sometimes I forget and breakdown and always end up paying for it later.

  10. We pay for the food that makes us week. If I ever have to eat out, I stick to green salads or sub-way…

    good subject.

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