Depression at Work

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Depression costs billions of dollars in lost revenue each year. We need to get at the root of why people are depressed and figure out how we can help them become happier at work. It’s why I created the Happy at Work Project (It’s a free PDF). I used to be depressed at work and I found help. If you aren’t happy at work then you need to make a plan and find a way to make it a reality.

It comes down to knowing yourself. Once you understand what you need, you can make the career shift that will allow happiness to happen naturally.


I will be on the Ittybiz’s program SpeakEasy this Wednesday. I will be sharing techniques that will help you and your customers become so damn happy that they’ll refuse to buy from anyone else (almost anyone else :)). These concepts are growing and I’m happy to share them with as many people as possible.


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9 thoughts on “Depression at Work”

  1. Awesome video… I am definately going to find the audio of your Ittybiz Interview/Appearance.

    I am retweeting this because I think this is such an important topic. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wonderful post/video. Depression is something that affects a LOT of people and you’ve done a great job discussing it in relation to work. Thanks for dealing with this topic.

  3. Hi Karl: Depression is on the rise and it has a huge impact on individuals and the companies that employ them (not to mention their families). Hopefully things such as positive phsychology, Gretchen’s happiness project, and your work happiness program will help to start chipping away at this. Happiness is a choice, and once we have the right attitude we have to start taking right action.

  4. It’s a great reminder that a little self-knowledge goes a long way and that you really have to own and drive your own career.

    A while back I stumbled across a recipe for job sat which was skill variety, task significance, and feedback. They are pretty robust lenses. I also like the lens one of my mentors gave me — working with the right people, on the right problems, making the right impact.

  5. Hi Positively Present, depression is a serious issue.

    Hi VickyH, thanks. The Ittybiz call will be fun.

    Hi Marelisa, hopefully we are making a small shift in our thinking. We should insist that companies make depression at work a top priority.

    Hi J.D., when we own our career no one can stop us.

  6. Hi Karl,

    Thank you for tackling this issue. While work place depression has always been an issue, it is exacerbated by our current economy. They have even coined the term “recession depression.” Each of us, whether in the workforce, or self employed should seek to be aware of the signs and symptoms and work to be part of the solution because it does impact us all. With companies downsizing, workers losing colleagues and shouldering heavier loads for the same or lower amount of pay, it is a recipe for work place blues. Add to that those who are not fulfilled at work but fearful of changing jobs in this economy. We need more people like you Karl to shine the light on problems and provide positive solutions so that we can all work happy.

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  8. I’m sure you think what you declare here, nevertheless, I’m in no doubt there are many people who will differ with it.

  9. One way to fight depression at work is the initiative of the management to have team building or bonding. Maybe allocate a day or two for this inter-employee activity that is fun. This is one way to boost the morale of the employees and be happy with their colleagues and their boss. -From your Life Coach

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