Andrew Warner on the Dig to Fly podcast

The Blue Apron Approach with Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner of Mixergy

Andrew Warner is an author, podcaster, and consultant. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs figure out how they can grow their businesses. One of my favorite parts of this interview was his story of what happened when he started mowing his own lawn. It’s interesting and funny. 

Highlights from the interview:

  • What inspired Andrew when he was a kid.
  • How we dealt with difficulties during our recording.
  • What triggered him to notice how people have influenced him.
  • He noticed how people he admired did things “their” way.
  • How he went into debt $75,000 in debt then millions and why he wanted this debt.
  • It’s not about the purpose.
  • The people that surround us are a big influence over our motivation.
  • Why he wants to help entrepreneurs succeed.
  • How to do work that you love.
  • Understanding the mindset of an entrepreneur.
  • Making choices that allow you to fly free.
  • How to do things that you love to do.
  • The value of trying a bunch of little things to understand what you want to do.
  • How he dealt with a recent failure and processed his thoughts and emotions.
  • Why he couldn’t finish the book that he stopped and started many times.
  • How he was able to complete his book.
  • How we define ourselves.
  • What he does to deal with his negative inner voice.
  • Didn’t realize that he was brushing off the importance of design.
  • Finding the right person to collaborate with.
  • Why we shouldn’t give up if we really want something.
  • What he did to help himself become happier.
  • How he learned the missing ingredient to helping his students succeed.
  • The people who he admires check in on him.
  • How he missed things because of his assumptions.
  • What realization he had at the end of our interview.
  • Most impactful book, podcast, favorite toy and essential tool to stay focused.

You can learn more about Andrew over at Mixergy where he has interviewed thousands of amazing entrepreneurs. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.

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