Dig to Fly podcast episode with Cara Chace

Getting Still to Improve Your Decisions with Cara Chace

Cara Chace is a productivity specialist and former special agent for the federal government. She is a fascinating woman with so many unique ideas around productivity. She makes time to be still and what her end of day routine is so she sleeps better and is prepared for the next day.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What it means to be vulnerable and how it helps her in her career.
  • The power of getting still and calm.
  • How she notices when she is feeling upset or frustrated.
  • The importance of doing a brain dump.
  • How she trains herself to circumvent issues.
  • How her dad influenced her life.
  • Why we should practice unlearning.
  • How showing up in life is cyclical.
  • Understanding how our brain functions.
  • Focusing on work when she started her entrepreneur journey with young kids.
  • How theming her days helped her daughter with her school work during the pandemic.
  • Working smart instead of overworking herself.
  • Her morning routine and why she keeps it short.
  • Why a productivity routine starts the night before.
  • The importance of seeing patterns that are hurting us and how to make adjustments.
  • Her end of day routine is to help her sleep better.
  • Being fully present with your work and how it helps her productivity.
  • The way we talk to our children becomes our inner voice.
  • Why letting things go helps her with her inner voice.
  • Being more flexible with how I get to the end.
  • How she learned that she loves to teach people.
  • Deepening our knowledge is a process.
  • Finding space to be creative.
  • How to be proactive vs. reactive in your business.
  • Using your team to help take work off your plate.
  • Most impactful book, podcast, and tool to help her in business.

You can learn more about Cara over at her website Cara Chace. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or Pinterest.

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