Rediscover what makes you happy at work

Rediscovering What Makes Us Happy at Work

One of the most important and often forgotten parts of growing our careers is digging into our happiness. We often focus on avoiding or eliminating pain. We forget to focus on what makes us happy and why it brings us pleasure. In this episode we’ll explore these thoughts and ideas. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Highlights from the podcast episode:

  • We can’t just focus on the negative all the time when it comes to our careers. We have to see what things we are enjoying and figure out how we can do more of it.
  • It’s taking me a long time to accept my strengths and weaknesses, but as I have I’ve become so much happier.
  • Work is not just about getting a paycheck or earning money to put our kids to college or for buying the latest gadget. It’s about peeling away our armor and seeing who we truly are in this life.
  • The more we learn about ourselves the closer we get to doing work that we love. I was recently digging a trench out front of my mom’s yard, so the water wouldn’t just flood the front of her yard and driveway. I noticed that I was having fun digging the trench. This never would’ve happened 10 years ago, but all the work that I’ve put in has helped me appreciate what I can do in the work that I have in front of me and how I can learn more about myself as I do the work.
  • I’m going to confess I have not always been a hard worker. I’ve been afraid of putting my full effort into the work because I thought it was a waste of my time. When I realized that work is a way to improve your life and improve your mindset. That’s when everything began to change in my career as well.
  • I began to dig into my struggles which we talked about in the previous podcast and I also began to dig into the things that lit me up inside.
  • When you notice that you’re enjoying work I want you to feel this sensation. What does it feel like? How does it feel in your body? Why do you enjoy the work? How can you create more opportunities to do more of this work?
  • Practice digging into your happiness. Understand it from different angles. Then you can see your truth and work with it. You start to get more creative with your opportunities. 
  • This is the power of digging into your happiness, so you can try similar things and fly just a little farther than last time. 

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