Special Ways to Connect with Judy Robinett

Judy Robinett is an author, investor, entrepreneur, former CEO of private and public companies and a wealth of information to help people build their careers. In this interview you’ll learn about special ways to connect with almost anyone and how to deepen these relationships so you can grow your career.

Highlight from the interview:

  • How Judy got over her shyness.
  • How she made talking to people into a game, so she could get better at it.
  • What Judy was like as a kid.
  • Getting over our fears so we can go after what we want.
  • Why we need to challenge our assumptions.
  • How she coached herself to start talking to people, so she could grow her career.
  • The internal flip that she made within herself that helped her create deeper connections with other people.
  • The extra special touches she did after meeting people to help develop the relationship.
  • How she views people through the lens of Oprah or Martha Stewart.
  • The difference between her inner voice in her twenties and now.
  • The greatest gift you can give to someone else.
  • Why adding value should always be your first step when connecting with people.
  • How she processed a big money failure.
  • Understanding the emotional toll a difficulty can take if you don’t process it and let it go.
  • Where we put our focus and why it matters so much.
  • What she loves doing within her business. 
  • End of day routine that helps her calibrate and improve her career.
  • The power of a good quote to help with the reflection process.
  • How to cultivate a healthy mindset.
  • What makes you happy and when is the last time you did those things?
  • Why she struggles with the winter.
  • Why she wanted to start her first business.
  • Everyone’s favorite part of the interview: Favorite book, podcast and speaker.

You can learn about Judy over at her website Judy Robinett. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and let her know what you think of the interview.

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