Calm Your Inner Demons with Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman is serial entrepreneur, author and founder of Help a Reporter Out. His ability to cultivate his ADHD and how he has turned it into a superpower is a fascinating part of this interview. You’ll learn how to calmed his inner demons and how you can use these techniques in your life.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What are the voices in Peter’s head like?
  • Why working out helps his massive ADHD.
  • How the diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood helped him understand himself better.
  • The balance of being introverted and extroverted and how he uses this to his advantage in his business.
  • Cultivating the superpowers within his ADHD, so they support his life instead of tear him a part.
  • Understanding what matters is key to living the life that he wants.
  • Accepting that you did the best you could with what you have.
  • Understanding the power of bravery by slaying the demons in your head.
  • Why he sleeps in his gym clothes.
  • Our inner demons are often too strong to defeat.
  • Why he abstains from drinking alcohol.
  • Where he gets his passion for life.
  • How he measures his work happiness.
  • Where he does his long form writing.
  • Humans are not meant to be sedentary creatures and how he figures out ways to keep moving throughout the day.
  • What activity helps him calm his inner demons.
  • Why he focuses on being slightly better than everyone else. He doesn’t believe in being a superstar. 
  • How he comes up with all his ideas.
  • Finding unique ways to solve problems.
  • How people can make a big leap in their careers.
  • The importance of grounding yourself in gratitude.
  • Why he sees his ADHD as his greatest gift.
  • How he views failure and how it’s helped him build his resilience.
  • A failed company that was too early to the market.
  • How his cats kept him humble after he sold his company for millions of dollars.
  • Everyone’s favorite part of this podcast – Peter’s favorite things.

You can learn about Peter over at his website You can also connect with him on Twitter.

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