Being Uncomfortable Helps Us Grow with Julie Broad

Julie Broad

Julie Broad is the founder of Book Launchers and the author of Self-publish and Succeed. In this interview you’ll hear about how she built her businesses and developed a mindset that helped her succeed. One of the main parts of this conversation is how she dealt with employee burnout and what systems she put in to place to help with this in the future.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What she was like as a kid and how it influenced her to get back into books.
  • Her personality type and what people assume when they meet her.
  • How she has grown her team.
  • Growing as an organization and putting emphasis on taking care of themselves.
  • Setting the tone to help build the company culture.
  • How to deal with an employee that burns out.
  • How to make sure people feel comfortable speaking up at work.
  • Creating a safe place to work.
  • Finding the space to be creative.
  • How she finds ways to recharge her energy.
  • Growing her mindset so she can grow her business.
  • How she grew her first business.
  • She then pivoted her first business into her current business.
  • Writing and launching a book that went to number one on Amazon.
  • Why people need to put marketing at the beginning of the process of writing a book.
  • What her personality type is and how she was able to start and build a successful business.
  • Taking a long look and digging into your past so you can grow from it.
  • How to look at your fear, acknowledge it and still do what you want to do.
  • How Julie was able to encapsulate the Dig to Fly Method in one story.
  • Things will usually be ok.
  • How life unfolds depending on our perspective.
  • Looking for patterns of where we are uncomfortable to help us grow.
  • Finding autonomy in our day.
  • And the most popular segment: “Favorite things”.

You can learn about Julie over at her website Julie Broad and her business Book Launchers. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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