Reader Questionnaire 2009, Quick Tip and Mini-Contest

As this site grows, I want you to be a part of its maturation. Without you, there is only me shouting about work happiness into an empty room. That’s no fun.

So I’ve created a short questionnaire in order to help me take Work Happy Now to the next level.

Click here to answer the Work Happy Now questionnaire

If you clicked and answered – Thanks! It means a lot to me. 🙂


One quick tip to bring happiness into your work place: Bring your favorite mug or glass in from home for one week. Notice how it makes you feel.

  • Does it feel weird?
  • Do you like it?
  • How is it keeping you happy or throwing off your normal routine?

When I tried taking my favorite mug into work, it brought a calm feeling over me during that time. I realized that I associated that mug with a relaxed state. I brought it in on a Wednesday and took it home that Friday.

I couldn’t be without my favorite mug over the weekend.

Too much normalcy in the work place isn’t good either. If we get too used to our routine then any little thing can throw us off course and create upsetting feelings. By bringing your favorite mug or glass in to work you are throwing yourself off your normal routine, and as a result you will be a little more prepared for change. Because change will come. It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”


Send me a picture of you with your favorite (mug or glass) at work to karl (AT) workhappynow (DOT) com. If I get enough of them, I will pick a winner and post it on this blog. The winner will get the limited edition book “The Word of Mouth Manual II” by Dave Balter of Bzzagent.

I’ll pay for shipping too. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to make this site even better.

You are awesome!

When I want to shake up my day, I go to Vered’s blog MomGrind. Vered is a mom blogger and a blogger for hire. Yes, I like reading mom bloggers as long as they have talent.
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9 thoughts on “Reader Questionnaire 2009, Quick Tip and Mini-Contest”

  1. I used to bring a favorite mug to work, but eventually I upgraded to bringing a favorite scene. I had a few favorite scenes I liked to hang up. Now, the key for me is my plants. Nothing like a little living scenery to spruce up the place.

  2. I’d say anything a person brings in to make their work space feel a little more comfortable or home-like is a good thing. I have a couple of plants in my work space, a throw to wrap around me when it gets too cold in the office, and some personal photos. I also have a stash of various flavoured and herbal teas and a few treats.

    Thanks, J.D. Meier for the reminder about the important of being surrounded by favourite scenes. I must remember to get one or two of my better (and colourful) photos blown up and put them on the walls at work to hide the depressing shade of paint on the walls.

  3. I filled out the questionnaire for you! 🙂 I usually drink energy drinks at work so I think it might be a little odd to put them in a mug…not to mention I don’t even know if I own a mug…hmmm…I’ll have to look into that! Haha

  4. Hi J.D., a favorite scene in an excellent idea. I have a photograph of Icelandic mountains on my desk.

    Hi Kay, looks like you are all set.

    Hi Sue, I agree with you and J.D. – plants are another great resource for calm. I’m a big fan of green and white tea. I always have a late morning boost that keeps me rolling right along.

    Hi Positively Present, thanks for filling out the questionnaire. That means a lot. I’m not much of an energy drink person, but if it works then that’s all that matters.

    Hi Vered, let me know how your favorite mug at work helps.

  5. I have a mug…although I can’t say it is a favorite mug…but it is my mug. It is not company branded so I can take it anywhere, it is a nice warm, earthy green, feels good in the hand and makes coffee at work more pleasurable. I have decided that since the one downside so far to my new job is that the coffee is terrible (and not cheap for terrible coffee) that I bought my own mini Keurig coffee maker for the desk (I have one at home that I really enjoy) so I truly enjoy the morning coffee. I have two desk plants, some personal photos, a calendar made out of photos I have taken (I study photography which gives me a way to show off my other talents) and a cool radio…so that my cubicle is cosy. So far, I enjoy my little cubby…and will try to see if I can take a photo (without everyone looking at me weird).

    I did fill out the questionnaire and hope it helps!!

  6. With all this talk about coffee/tea mugs and photographs, I’m now getting inspired to pick one of my favourite photographs, wander off to my friendly, local photography shop (Okay–it’s a photo department in a drug store)and get the image transferred onto a mug. It’s also possible to get photographs transferred onto mouse pads–so there’s another idea for bringing something unique and personal into one’s work space.

    A radio unfortunately wouldn’t work so well in our cubicles, but if I need to block out other distractions, I just pop a relaxing CD in to my walkman, make sure I can still sort of hear what’s going on around me and that makes me quite happy.

    I also filled out the survey. It’s always a pleasure to see a well-designed survey!

  7. Hi Karl,
    I’ve had a favorite mug of mine at work now for the last couple of years. And that mug is something that was given to me for a very special occasion. So, there is much meaning behind it. And it is something I look forward to…coffee in the morning in that favorite mug.

    I also have a calendar that hold special meaning this year – reminding daily of a vacation I was on last summer when we went rafting. And seeing the photographs brings me right back to that place – and to a time that provided some very deep introspection (plus a lot of just plain fun!).

    So – it’s good to be here today and be reminded of the meaning behind these “special” items. Thanks much Karl!

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