Realigning My Joy through My Subconscious – 30 Day Challenge

I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve reduced my complaining since my “No Complaining – 30 Day Challenge” and wondering what other parts of my life could use an adjustment.

The subconscious is a great place to start. There are many hidden thoughts and ideas that lay only semi-dormant unless released.

Did you know that our brain actually stores every experience? There have been experiments that prove that we can actually recall incidents from our childhood to the exact detail if we are willing to stimulate our brains with a small shock. I’ve never tried this and I don’t think I will any time soon, but it’s a very interesting concept because it means our brains are more powerful than we might realize.

In addition to recalling incidents from childhood, we can also plant ideas within our subconscious that can help us grow.

I’ve written about talking to your subconscious before. The idea is to plant seeds of your desires for personal development before you go to bed so your subconscious can start solving these issues while you sleep. It’s these ideas that germinate, and  then start to take hold and facilitate personal growth.

That’s the background, but I want to fast forward my ability to enjoy my working life

I believe that my growth as a human being is possibly the most important factor for attaining a successful life and career. Without the ability to adapt and improve, we would constantly be facing the same problems and trying to solve them in the same ways.

The Seed

As I mentioned, I’ve written about talking to your subconscious before. At this point, I have to admit that I’ve been sporadic in talking to my subconscious, so I’m committing to Realigning My Joy through My Subconscious with a 30 Day Challenge.

I’ve created a message that I’m going to read and repeat five times before bed, and another message that I will read and repeat five times while I take a shower each morning.

The bed-time message to my subconscious will be:

“I will let go of any worries and relax every muscle (link to my Active Relaxation course) before and during my sleep.”

The reason I picked this is because I’ve been holding on to my stress as I’m settling down for bed. It causes me to have trouble falling asleep and waking up with a stiff neck, jaw, and/or back.

My morning message to my subconscious which I will tape to my mirror will be:

“Every interaction has some joy in it. It’s up to me to find the joy and possibly expand on these feelings.”

I picked this message because I catch myself, very often, wanting the experience I am presently in to be different instead of accepting it for everything it is.

Sending a Message to Myself

I’m sending a message to my subconscious that I will not have muscle spasms in the middle of the night.

I’m also telling my subconscious that I’m meant to enjoy most of my life, not just the really good parts.

By planting these seeds I’m asking for help from a higher power – the universe’s energy. I believe that we can harness energy from deep within us or outside of us with a little bit of help. I’m asking for help to encourage personal growth in two areas of my life.

A thirty day trial is a perfect plan to plant these seeds and then evaluate the outcome(s).


My daily goals will be to find peace in every interaction whether it means me being stuck in traffic or reprimanding myself for making a mistake.

For example I recently introduced a new acquaintance by the wrong name. I was so angry with myself, I was still internally bullying myself as I was laying in bed that night trying to fall asleep. These self-attacking thoughts hurt my confidence and I need to let go of these negative thoughts faster.

It’s ok to make mistakes and I need to remember this.

My night-time goals will be to wake up without any tightness in my neck, jaw, or wrists. I often work through my stress through the night. I want to do a better job of processing my stress throughout the day so when it’s time to relax and rest I can optimize my sleep to its fullest potential and awake relaxed.

I know both of these are lofty goals because the opposite is so ingrained into my life, but how am I to achieve great big audacious goals without setting the bar really high?


My plan is to update you on my progress on Facebook, Twitter and this blog. I won’t bombard you with a post every single day. I will only fill you in when I feel I have something important to share.

Your Turn

What part of your career/life have you noticed could use a little improving? What do you think would be a good mantra before bed to have your unconscious mind ponder during the night?

10 thoughts on “Realigning My Joy through My Subconscious – 30 Day Challenge”

  1. Hi Karl,

    I like the fact that you’ve picked affirmations for things that can influence.

    One small revision that you might want to make to your bed time affirmation is to delete the word “will”. If you are telling your subconscious that you will do something, you’re giving it instructions to make the change some time in the future. I suspect you’d much rather have your subconscious incorporate and act on your instructions now, rather than later. 🙂

    A few other actions you can take to help reduce muscle spasms in the middle of the night are to make sure you’re getting enough calcium and magnesium in your diet, stay hydrated, and do some gentle stretches.

    I have guided meditation CD (It’s called “The Healing Waterfall”) that I sometimes listen to before I fall asleep. It seems to be a brilliant relaxation aid because I usually fall asleep before I get halfway through the meditation. I’m well aware, though, that my subconscious is still listening and influenced by the CD so even though I don’t consciously hear all of the meditation, I’m still getting the message at other levels of consciousness.

    Take care and may you always enjoy deep, restorative sleep and relaxed muscles.

  2. Karl Staib - The Work Happy Guy

    Hi Sue! You make a great point. I want to convey confidence to my subconscious. I’m doing this. 🙂

    I like the idea of having a CD to listen to before bed. I’ll have to see what is out there.

  3. Karl Staib - The Work Happy Guy

    Hi Natlie! Let me know how it goes. This was a difficult 30 day challenge for me. The key is to be kind to yourself and gently bring yourself back on track when you slip.

  4. 30-Day challenges are great! I’m currently trying a paleo challenge and starting to see and feel some good results.

    Maybe when I’m done this one I’ll try the no complaining challenge, although I think that would be much harder :).

  5. wow. no complaining for 30 days? that in itself is a HUGE challenge. I’ll have to tape my mouth shut… 😉

    messages to myself:

    a.m.: I trust the universe and this day will unfold perfectly for me in my space/time continuum.

    p.m.: I am grateful for these 3 “things” today: X, Y, Z

  6. Karl Staib - The Work Happy Guy

    Hi Cheryl! I know. I have to admit I wasn’t perfect, but I definitely reduced my complaining and it stuck with me. Now I’m trying to reimagine how I view my day to day life. I like your AM and PM goals/mantras. Keep us updated!

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