Day 7 of Realigning My Subconscious My Joy – Cloud 9

30 Day ChallengeAs you may know I’m working on a 30 day Challenge. I’m on a mission to realign my joy with my subconscious.

Now I’m a pretty happy guy. I had testicular cancer a few years ago and it gave me a new lease on life. My two year check-up this past June was clean.


The thing is I fell back into my old habits. I was worrying about little things that really didn’t matter.

I had a few lousy night of sleep last month. I felt out of sync. I knew I needed to do something to help improve my perspective.

I decided on a 30 day challenge because of how much my no complaining challenge improved my life.






I deserved to give myself more dedicated time to improving my happiness.


coming from the guy

who has the

the work happiness blog. 🙂

Ok, so now I’m on day 7 of this challenge and it’s been amazing.

I go to bed more relaxed and I wake up ready to tackle my projects. It’s been this dedicated time to focus on bringing more joy into my life.

I focus on guiding my thoughts instead of just letting them run rampant, looking for the joy instead of letting my arch nemesis (negative inner voice) take over.

I know that I’ll hit some road blocks along the way. I hit quite a few with my no complaining challenge, but it’s all in how I figure out how to deal with them. Stay tuned!

Are you playing along? What have you learned from your 30 day challenge?

If you haven’t started one yet, it’s not too late to join in. What are you struggling with and what message could you give to your subconscious to help you? (Let us know in the comment section.)

* I’m posting daily updates on the Work Happy Now Facebook page, @kstaib Twitter account and my Google+ account.