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Pulling Back to Propel Forward with Meredith Calloway

Join us as we discuss navigating challenges and how important mindset is to get through our difficult moments as a leader. Meredith Calloway is the founder and CEO of the Gifted Travel Network. One of my favorite parts of the interview was how she built her company culture by bribing people with coffee.

Highlights from the interview:

I hope your ready to grow your leadership skills with frameworks that you can apply in your business and career today to be a better leader.

1. Core values and leadership qualities

Meredith discussed developing teamwork and relationships through sports from a young age, informing her values of resilience and trust in guiding Gifted Travel Network through hardship.

2. Letting go and trusting intuition

We use the analogy of pulling back a bow arrow, requiring discipline to trust the process and results will come. We can get caught in perfectionism if we aren’t careful. She talks about how you can let go, so you can implement the thing, learn from it and improve it for the next iteration.

3. Navigating challenges through mindset

Meredith used the pandemic’s travel industry setback as an example of reframing difficulties as opportunities for future growth using mindset tools like “Everything happens for you, not to you.”

4. Growth and organizational change

With rapid growth, Meredith now tackles organizational structure changes through consulting, following frameworks like EOS to structure their larger team and processes for continued success. She talks about the importance of partnering with the right people and how letting go of pasts partnerships is important to make room for better partnerships.

5. Learning from other leaders

Meredith discussed gleaning mindset wisdom from influential figures like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and her relationship coach who taught her to build successful relationships by strengthening her relationship with herself first. It’s also important to admit when you need help and find someone to help you make improvements in your business to help it stay on track with your vision.

7. Key ingredients for business success

Meredith emphasized intuition, learned through practices like meditation and exercise, is key to achieving success by filtering inner noise and accessing inner guidance on navigating challenges and opportunities.

You can learn more about Meredith over at Gifted Travel Network. You can also connect with her on LInkedIn. 

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