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Layers of Leadership: Cultivating Quality Decision-Making with Priya Nalkur

Join us as we explore how we can peel back the layers in our careers so we can make better decisions. Priya Nalkur, Ed.D. is the President of RoundTable Institute LLC and Author of Stumbling Towards Inclusion. 

You’ll learn how your early life experiences can shape your career. Priya’s experiences growing up as the only person of color in her community led her to feel excluded. A kindergarten teacher helped her feel included, planting the seeds for Priya’s work helping leaders foster inclusion.

Here are the main highlights from the interview:

1. Decision-making framework relies on self-belief

Priya relies on congruence between head, heart, and gut when making decisions. She only moves forward if she is confident her team can recover from mistakes through learning and growing together.

We also talk about having different types of decision-makers around us to offset our weaknesses.

2. Mindset cultivation is a daily practice

Priya consciously cultivates a mindset each morning, like hygiene, focusing on impact and contribution goals based on her day’s interactions. Her open, willing body language reinforces this mindset.

You’ll also learn how you can nurture your mindset so you can make an impact on the world on your terms.

3. Diversity of perspectives prevents echo chambers

Priya reads widely and consults diverse experts to challenge assumptions. She coaches clients to understand perspectives opposed to their own for wiser decisions considering all angles.

I love the story that she shares about how her kindergarten teacher was so impactful in her life.

4. Frameworks provide structure but not answers

While frameworks structure Priya’s work, some experiences defy categorization. She accepts uncertainty, and that readiness comes at its own pace, guided more by curiosity than rigid structures.

5. Leaders set the tone for trying without fear of failure

By modeling vulnerability through owning mistakes, leaders show that trying ideas is valued more than perfection. Together, teams can review learnings openly to continuously improve through experimentation.

Learn more about Priya at The Roundtable Institute and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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