Productivity is a State of Mind

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Success or failure is really determined by how we feel. It’s up to us to figure out how to make ourselves “feel” successful every single day.

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10 thoughts on “Productivity is a State of Mind”

  1. Getting some easy things done first are great to build up momentum and set the tone for the rest of the day. Have you seen Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive videos? I’m curious what you think.


  2. A terrific resource for this idea comes from Laura Howard West and her Joyful Buisness Guide. She suggests what she calls “Giggle Goals” No more than 3 goals a day which if you accomplished them, would truly make you giggle and feel awesome. But here is the best part: You set three goals for yourself and then you give some goals over to the “the universe”. These are the things that you might fret about but in truth, really have no control over. Good luck.

  3. Read Steve Chandler’s book-“100 Ways To Motivate Youself” pick one that feels good and do it!
    PS-Put some duct tape on that chair and a little comfy pillow for your back and you’ll be good to go! A one minute fix!

  4. Great video, Karl. You appear more relaxed and comfortable every time you create one!

    As for productivity. I find I feel most productive on days when I follow my heart rather than my mind. I can recall a recent Saturday – I woke early, meditated, enjoyed a workout, some yoga, cleaned a bit around the house, did some writing, took a nap, worked on my jigsaw puzzle. I ended that day feeling incredibly satisfied with how I spent my time. I was guided my my heart, values, beliefs and the things I wanted to do, not what I thought I should do…like fix a ripped pillow (if I may borrow your example).

    I’m on track to feel that way again today!

  5. Hi Nathan, I’m going to have to check them out and let you know.

    Hi Nancy, duct tape can do anything. I’ll definitely check out Steve’s book.

    Hi Pearl, it does look like a great resource. A whole package of good stuff. Maybe I can do a review on it because the price tag is a little steep.

    Hi Stacey, following the heart instead of the mind is a great way of putting it. When we take the time to do what feels good instead of being a big bully we can actually be more productive. We just need to make sure we keep doing tasks that help us accomplish great work.

  6. Lists are my best friends
    I have yearly lists, monthly lists, weekly lists, daily lists
    I have project lists, I have goals lists, i have tasks lists, and i have accomplishments lists

    The trick for me to survive through the lists and accomplish more with less is weed out unimportant things and then just delete it.
    I delete a lot, so what’s left is very few action items that gets me REAL results – the accomplishments. And that is why my recycle bin explodes too often πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi Alik, I love lists too. They keep my mind organized. Sometimes I over do it and make the list that superman couldn’t do in a day. You’re right, it’s about trimming the fat and doing what’s really important.

    Hi Nathan, he he ha ha.

  8. I agree – so much of our results are about our mindsets.

    Mindsets seem to be the macro filter that guide the rest of our actions. You can’t be productive if your mindset is all set for a lazy day.

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