Celebrate the Google Way

Every company should celebrate its successes. Google does this in various ways. 

Small Scale – Google built lounges for people to gather and talk

You don’t need to physically throw a party to create a celebration type atmosphere. People want to gather and share. Your company can do this too by creating an area that’s dedicated to letting off steam and building a community.

Medium Scale – TGIF Parties

I’m all for throwing parties and Google does this every Friday. It gets other Googlers together. They usually have a band, but all you need is a little iPod dock and some cool music. Your employees can hang out and make new friends and your company can do this with a modest budget. I wrote an article called Create 12 Parties a Year Instead of 1 Boring Holiday Party. The idea is simple – throw a party each month so everyone gets to hang out and learn about each other.

The more friends people have at work the more they enjoy working at their company.

Large Scale – A party to remember

In 2005 Google created “Jetaway on a Google Holiday.” They threw a big bash on the San Francisco piers, but it wasn’t your typical party. They brought the various cuisines, decorations and music from all over the world.

I know that you probably can’t afford to rent out the SF piers and bring in all kinds of cool decorations, but you have employees with various backgrounds. Why not create a party where everyone shares in their heritage. Maybe all they have is an old photo album from the 1940’s or an old yearbook from when their parents went to high school. Whatever they can share will help people to connect and spark conversation.

The type of party you throw doesn’t matter. All that really matters is that the celebration is unique and helps create an exciting atmosphere for the whole organization.


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9 thoughts on “Celebrate the Google Way”

  1. Stephen - Rat Race Trap

    Karl, I’ve downloaded your eBook and went through it. I really have been trying to get my company to do something but they are so big and conservative it takes an act of Congress for the bureaucratic status-quo to change. Oh well, I’m going to keep trying!

  2. Karl, Google and Zappos are two companies that stand in stark contrast to the corporate America to which I vowed I would never return. No matter how small our company or budget there are lessons to be learned from these companies. In fact, even solo professionals can implement the lessons in their own work environment. I hope that employees and employers will download the book and embark on a mission to put the happy back into work.

  3. Hi Karl, I am absolutely agree with your idea.
    Oftentimes celebrating make managers so nervous. Maybe throwing a party doesn’t see professional, or it makes managers worry that they won’t look serious to the powers that be, or that, if things get too happy at the office, people will stop working their tails off.
    Great article here, Karl. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well, I love this idea and as soon as I start my company, I think I’ll make sure that this happens. In the Army, we have something called mandatory fun…the only problem is that it is never fun 🙂

  5. Hi Stephen, you have to be like Chinese water torture to get anything done in a large organization, but believe me they will give in if you persist.

    Hi Karen, wouldn’t that be grand. Then they can hire me to help them implement their strategy. Yes, that’s coming soon.

    Hi Arswino, we have to fight those preconceived notions. Google has proved that it can work. Don’t get me wrong Google doesn’t let people play all day. They expect great work, but they understand that people need to let off steam in their own way.

    J.D., I would have loved to been there.

    Hi Nathan, mandatory fun takes all the fun out of it. The fun needs to be encouraged, not forced.

  6. We do something similar… Though we get everyone sloppy drunk and let them embarrass themselves via karaoke.

  7. Now I’m one of those (sappy?) people who would love to see someone’s old photos or yearbook. And I completely agree that something even as small as that would spark CONNECTION. Conversation, a few smiles, SOMETHING. The kind of thing that’s sorely lacking in many an office.

    Love these Google-fied ideas you’re blogging about Karl. 🙂

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