Personal Development for Smart People – Book Review

You’re a smart person, right? Of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

The title of Steve Pavlina’s book and blog compliment the reader before they even start on the first page. Personal Development for Smart People has a ring to it that makes the reader want to pick it up and check out what’s inside.

The genius behind Steve Pavlina lies in striking the right chord at the right time. He created a personal development blog when all the personal development gurus had static sites. He wrote valuable content on a daily basis and his audience grew fast.

Steve refused to dumb it down so it would be easy to access the information. He asked you to join him on his level and this helped the readers lift themselves up out of their present cyclical thinking.

He can now boast that he maintains the largest personal development website in the world. That took strategic planning and creativity. Few people are willing to dig as deep as Steve has done to discover new personal development ideas. He understood how to stand out (weird posts), but he also understood how to connect with a mass audience (common sense writing).

Steve’s first book is filled with common sense and fresh ideas that will satisfy the most critical reader. It’s already on the best seller list on Amazon and other sites.


Steve has learned to adjust his vibrational tuning fork to connect with millions of people. If you enjoy personal development, you have probably already visited his website. Doesn’t it seem like every other personal development blog that you read is influenced by Steve in some way? That is a tribute to a man who paved his own path.

Like his blog, Personal Development for Smart People is a well rounded book. It gives the reader the foundation to create a prosperous life.

The three main themes of the book are:




I love how he weaves these ideas throughout each concept.

How this Book can Help Your Career

The section on careers is very useful. I’ll share two of my favorite quotes from this chapter:

When we express ourselves creatively we are sharing what’s most important to ourselves.”

He goes on to say:

Think of your career as a primary outlet for creative expression.”

He breaks down his thoughts in a user-friendly way to help you apply these ideas to your own life. That’s the most that you can ask for in a personal development book – easy to understand and applicable ideas that encourage the reader to take action.

I encourage you to check out his website in order to supplement the information in the book.

His website gives such gems as:

30 Days to Success

How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes

Steve’s writing within the book is incredibly polished and easy to follow. The thoughts connect and always come back to the central themes.

I would recommend this book to anyone trying to reach a deeper understanding of themselves.


One of my favorite sections was the one on spirituality, toward the end of the book. We have an amazing opportunity that few people have had before this time period. We can learn from any culture with a click of the mouse. You and I can learn how Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians handle certain situations. We don’t need to look through one religious lens. We can explore many perspectives to help us gain a better understanding of our lives.

This was also one of my favorite topics that he touched on in his blog, but in his book his ideas really came together to help me gain a better understanding of how to improve my outlook.

Your Choice

It’s your choice to buy this book, but I promise it will change your life, especially if you have never read his blog. If you’ve read his blog, many of his thoughts are brought together with his book into a cohesive pattern that helps the reader understand Steve’s thinking.

Getting inside an intelligent man’s head and taking a few nuggets of knowledge to improve your life is worth $20.

Work Happy Now Interview with Steve Pavlina

Steve was awesome enough to give me an interview that I recorded over Skype. It was really amazing to have the opportunity to ask him anything I wanted. As you can tell I’m a big fan of his.

I broke the interview into five parts:

  1. Building Your Career Foundation – 8:36
  2. How to Overcome Fear – 7:53
  3. Why Passion if More Important Than Money – 6:21
  4. Spirituality – 4:23
  5. Steve Pavlina’s Core Principals – 10:39

I will post all 5 Podcasts tomorrow. He answered the questions that I thought would help all of you the most. So stop by tomorrow and enjoy a fun interview.

* Update: Click here to check out the Steve Pavlina interview – enjoy.

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  1. Great review, I’ll have to check out Steve’s book and blog. They look like just the thing I need in this uncertain time. Creativity is the key to having success in my book, and I’m always looking for inspirational ways to believe in my creativity and success. I’ll be listening for the podcasts too.

  2. Hi Karl – Steve Pavlina is why I started a blog. Although he made it look easier than it is, what I learned from his words is priceless. He has a huge following and having read his words, I totally understand why. I like how you put that, “he doesn’t dumb it down”. That’s Steve.

    Great review!

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..It’s All About Me – Part 3

  3. Hi Inspirational, Steve’s book is one of the most down to earth and practical books on personal development that I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot.

    Hi Marc, thanks.

    Hi Barbara, I think there are a million more of bloggers because of Steve. He’s smart and delivers thought provoking posts. It’s what most of us strive for.

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