A Steve Pavlina Interview on How to Build Your Career

Work Happy Now was granted an interview with Steve Pavlina, the online Personal Development King. I just gave him that title, but I think most of us can agree that no one has more online “personal development” clout than Steve.

I was nervous. I wanted everything to go perfectly. My voice was a little shaky at the start. You’ll notice this when you listen to the first podcast. I calmed down after a few minutes and I delivered a pretty good interview.

I told my wife that I probably would put Steve at the top of my list of famous people to interview.


“What about Obama?” she asked.

“Sure, I would love to interview Obama, but interviewing Steve meant more to me. I would probably get more readers with an Obama interview, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve been following Steve’s blog for almost three years,” I replied.

“Wow! You really enjoyed talking with him.”

“Yeah, he’s down to earth and intelligent. I couldn’t have asked for a better interview.”

“You’ve worked hard for this. I’m proud of you.”



I broke the interview down into five parts:


  • Building Your Career Foundation – 8:36
  • How to Overcome Fear – 7:53  
  • Why Passion is More Important Than Money – 6:21
  • Spirituality – 4:23 
  • Steve Pavlina’s Core Principals – 10:39  

    The sound quality isn’t the greatest since I recorded it using Skype. I had to increase the volume on Steve’s answers so it matched my volume. It’s not a perfect recording, but I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. Steve’s answers are honest and unique.

    Enjoy! I know I did.

    Check out my review of Steve’s book Personal Development for Smart People.


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    9 thoughts on “A Steve Pavlina Interview on How to Build Your Career”

    1. Hi Karl: Congratulations on getting this interview! I listened to the first part, “Building Your Career Foundation”, and I really enjoyed it. It’s so true that if we want something badly enough we need to stop making excuses and just do it, like cutting out TV so that we can start our own business in the evenings and weekends. Excellent interview.

      Marelisa’s last blog post..How to Enter the “Flow State”

    2. Karl, what a great interview! It is like interviewing a celebrity. I have listened to part 1 so far, very good stuff. What I liked was how Steve talked about himself personally – how he’s been able to do this – do what we wants – and that it’s no different for any of us – we all have the same number of hours in the day – it’s up to us how we use them. Very motivational to listen to. I’ll be back to listen to the other parts!

      Lance’s last blog post..At One Hundred, Life Is?

    3. Hi Marelisa, our careers are really about making success happen. We just have to want it more than anything else.

      Hi Lance, Steve does a great job in the interview of relating his experiences so we can learn from them.

      Hi Hunter, I always like to hear blogger’s voices too. Sometimes they are nothing like they seemed and other times they are right on the money.

    4. Hi Karl – I think it’s fabulous you landed this interview. I’m not in a position to listen to them now, but I will be back later and tune in.

      Steve Pavlina has made a huge mark on blogosphere. I love how he started out, very simply and took it one step at a time. He gives hope to other bloggers.

      Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..How To Survive A Bashing In Blogosphere

    5. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

      Good show Karl! Really this is a great example of going for it. I’m proud of you man.

      I love the format. Pavlina shared some great get off your ass and into motion tips in the first podcast!

    6. Karl – what a wonderful interview. I love what Steve said about not using money as your main goal. I also stopped doing that. While I was achieving the financial goals in my business, I never knew what I wanted that money for, so I often blew it on expensive clothes and travel anyway.

      Also, I was so obsessed with achieving a massive turnover – that I struggled to get the money owing to me paid – I still didn’t get it all. I was focusing on some meaningless figure, instead of the things that really mattered.

      Cath Lawson’s last blog post..Run Your Small Business Like A Rock Star

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    8. Awesome interview. I have huge respect for Steve. The first part of the interview was particularly inspiring.

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