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Leadership Lessons for Transformative Storytelling with John Linford

Join us for a conversation about using data to tell better stories. John Linford co-founded Deckability, a company that helps leaders tell better stories using data. One of my favorite parts of the interview was when he shared how he thinks about personal and career growth so he continues to develop his career and leadership skills.

Highlights from the interview:

1. Overcoming obstacles through feedback

John details how seeking constant feedback from his mentor helped him improve, though ego can get in the way of receiving criticism. Regular reviews are key to growth.

2. Storytelling in pitch decks

John explains the importance of establishing an emotional connection by addressing a real problem before introducing solutions. Conflict draws people in, as no one wants to hear about perfect lives.

3. Implementing systems for improvement

Karl stresses implementing review processes to catch issues before losing clients. Systems are needed to dissect problems and make informed decisions, not just try different strategies. Honest self-examination is paramount.

4. Cultivating a growth mindset

John pushed past comfort zones by seeking difficult roles outside his core strengths. Manifesting a vision 20% beyond current reality ensures continuous growth. Forcing functions like failures spur change.

5. Finding discipline through forcing functions

John’s willingness to take career risks led to compressed learning and rapid growth. Aiming high and accepting discomfort ensures one exceeds expectations through discipline and passion for challenging oneself.

You can learn more about John over at Deckability. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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