Focus on Fewer Things with Better Results

I’m a big believer in creativity at work. We need to expand outside our comfort zones to reach the good stuff. That’s why I draw. It forces me to find new angles on work happiness. How do you find new angles?

Too often we get caught up in trying to be amazing instead of just letting our amazing ooze out.

You might try to tackle 5 projects at once, but that won’t let you focus on creating something that will touch people’s hearts.

It takes hard work, love, frustration, calm, fear, and anger to create something special.

Don’t let that focus wonder too far.

Bring that gaze back on that one thing that will drop people’s jaws, tongues, brains and eyeballs all over the floor.

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12 thoughts on “Focus on Fewer Things with Better Results”

  1. Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    Thanks for sharing! I agree that we produce better quality work when we’re focusing on one task at a time. We spend more time, focus, and energy on that one task instead of neglecting it while trying to accomplish to much at one time.

    Great post, very much worth the Re-tweet!!

  2. Hey Karl,

    Great point – and I love Hugh’s cartoons =). I’m someone who constantly struggles with trying out new things, and taking on new projects – and then I have to reel myself back in and remind myself of what I really wanted to focus on all along 😉

  3. Hi, Karl!

    I’ve found that I’m pretty good about not taking on too much at once (and become quickly fatigued if I do). You’d think my creativity would just be through the roof, right?!! Ha! I wish… Instead, sometimes with that one thing if I’m not feeling the spark inside me, I’ll let myself get distracted. I sometimes think I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to my own stuff. Your stuff? Easy. I could focus on listening to or engaging with you for hours. My stuff? Hehehe… Not so much.

    Like everything, it’s a process that I try and surrender to. I figure when I’m feeling creative, I’ll do creative things. When I’m not, I won’t. Maybe not as productive as it could be, but my stress level is WAY low! (smile)

    Happy Friday to you! And enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi Karl — I like that way of putting it — that creativity to some extent is about trusting that you’ve got what it takes to contribute something meaningful, rather than making a concerted effort to make something others will find meaningful.

  5. Karl I think you’re cartoon is outstanding! It could be the cover on a book. It so depicts my life when I ‘m trying to do too much. My daughter and 2 grandchildren have been visiting for 5 days. I’ve looked like that cartoon since they arrived. Today I opted out of a bit of shopping and the movies. Peace and calm Oh My!

  6. Hi Megan, It’s funny how helping others really makes us focus. I think I’m the same way. When I’m coaching clients I rarely get distracted, but as soon as I have to do my own work I get easily sidetracked. I’ve been using an egg timer to help stay on task. 25 minutes on and 5 minutes relaxation. It’s worked wonders.

  7. Richard |

    Focus like a laser on your desires and you’ll get them. You won’t be able to see any other option.

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