Entrepreneurs Making a Difference – Giveaway

At the end of this post you’ll learn how you can win the set of cards featured in the photo below.

Evan Carmichael created a project called Entrepreneur Trading Cards. He highlights great business leaders and bloggers who are making a difference in this world.

Entrepreneurs like:

> Steve Jobs

> Steve Wozniak

These packs trading cards come in a pack of 5 for $3.95 if you pre-order today. All the money raised will go to Kiva.org, which focuses on raising money for entrepreneurs in impoverished countries.


The pack of 5 cards feature great leaders from every kind of business. There are 32 highlighted, but some of my favorites are:

> Walt Disney

> Martha Stewart

> Craig Newmark (Craigslist)

> Bill Gates

> Tony Hsieh (Zappos)

You’ll feel good by donating to Kiva and you will also have something to show for it. We highlight athletes with trading cards; now it’s time to highlight great business people who create jobs and improve our world.

I’m giving away 4 sets of these Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak cards with the plastic protectors to people who leave a comment on this post. The comment must answer the questions, “Who is a great business leader to you? and Why is she or he a great business leader?

You could be the winner by leaving a thoughtful comment, responding to someone else’s comment or retweet this post. Make sure you leave @workhappynow in the message so I know you tweeted out the post. I’ll pick 4 lucky winners by Friday and let all of you know who won.

Even if you don’t buy any trading cards, you can always donate to Kiva to help out entrepreneurs who so desperately need the money.

5 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Making a Difference – Giveaway”

  1. Justin Herald, because of his no-nonsense approach to work and life. He created a clothing brand from scratch in his teens and is now promoting Intimidate eyewear. Justin’s coaching is also first-class.

  2. Trading cards are just too cool.

    We use different trading cards at work to add fun and edutainment … anything from “planning poker” to “threat modeling” to “interpersonal skills” … etc.

    I played around with the idea of creating hero trading cards, but I hadn’t built out my heroes enough yet (still in progress.)

    For business heroes, I would have to say Bill Gates. He taught me how anything from charity does better when it’s a smart business. He’s also a great example of following his passion, making impact, and doing his best to make the world a better place than he found it.

  3. I would have to go with my hubs Roger as a great business leader. He doesn’t have a college degree. He had at least 10 different jobs the first 5 years I knew him. He’s brilliant with details and numbers.

    His brother was a CPA and hired him when he was 30 years old. He did the work his brother took the credit. After a few years he realized his brother was embezzling money from his clients. My husband had the courage to report him and he was asked to testify in court. He did.

    Shortly there after he bought his high school teachers accounting practice because he was going to retire. Basically it’s a list of names and addresses. He then worked with him for a tax season where he was introduced to his clients. He built up a following over the years. Many of his brothers former clients hired him.

    In a town where everyone knows everyone they refer their family, friends and neighbors.

    This was in his hometown in MI. 25 plus years later after raising our four daughters he sold his practice. It absolutely amazes me how committed he has been to doing the right thing and over time it all paid off.

  4. Bill Gates. He had taken PC revolution that no one has ever imagined. He is a hard worker, commitment, he knows what he is doing. He has taken developers to a new level with his PC(Windows 3 to windows Vista).

    I admired him a lot for his charity work to small childrens and disease affected persons.

  5. Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com

    I’ve always thought Kiva.org was a great and selfless idea. A real great thing we’ve all created.

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