Finding Mentors for Your Career

mentoring-businessRight now I’m in the process of putting together an advisory team online and offline. There is something powerful about meeting with a team of people, in person and online, every few months to discuss your career.

My hope is that we create a give and take relationship. I actually hope to give as much to them as they give to me.

Too often I get caught in the daily grind and don’t take time to discuss various ways to succeed, become happier and connect. Taking the time to stop and talk with a super smart team of people is a must for every career.

Over the next few months as I assemble my team. I’m going to let you know about the process.

  1. How I found people to be on my advisory team.
  2. How I reached out to them.
  3. How I conducted the meetings.
  4. Etc.

My hope is that you learn from this process, so you can create your own team. Is there anything specific you want me to cover as I go through this process?

Also I’m putting together the 2013 Work Happy Now team of interns. In return for your help I’ll be mentoring you throughout the year. Sound like a cool opportunity? Then fill out this short survey and I’ll be in contact with you very soon.

* Of course if you want to fast forward your career happiness you can always hire me as your career coach. If you want to set up a discovery session to see if we are a good fit for each other just fill out my contact form and I’ll get in touch with you withing 48 hours.

3 thoughts on “Finding Mentors for Your Career”

  1. This sounds like and awesome idea – I’d like to do the same. Let us know how it goes, always nice to have the framework laid out ahead!

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