Find Your Power Patterns

You may love crafting, investing, teaching, NFTs, Pokemon cards, etc. Whatever you love you can make a living at it. It starts with your vision, so you have a clear purpose. Then it’s just about the energy, confidence and the willingness to fail, learn and adjust to make it happen. You can do this by understanding your power patterns.

If you can do work that energizes you then you are living an amazing life. As long as you are living your core values. My spotlight value is growth and all my choices are filtered through this lens.

This is the power of digging deep. You peel away the armor that you’ve built up to protect yourself, so you can be your authentic self. When you are your authentic self you don’t waste energy on stress or worry. You focus on what matters to you.

We need to create an end of day routine, so that they can better coach themselves. It’s important to have mentors, coaches, teachers, etc. to help us calibrate our efforts, but we are with ourselves all day long. If we beat ourselves up, which drains our energy then we aren’t focused on doing the work that matters. We have to learn to be our own greatest coach in between support from others.

That’s why I have my students start with the Rate Your Day routine. It helps them become the captain of their thoughts. They stop letting other people’s judgments steal their energy. They see patterns in where they are putting their focus and can make small adjustments to get better results. These are your Power Patterns. When you notice them that’s when you can leverage them to really grow your life’s work.

You reflect back on what happened with an honest lens and make micro adjustments that help you recalibrate back to what is helping you.

After seven days l like people to find their average score. When I first started this process I averaged an 5.85. This rating gave me a base point. Then I averaged my next seven days. My score came out to a 6.28.

That’s a 7% increase over just one week. That was huge for me. I didn’t realize that I made this progress.

A lot of it had to do with my mindset. I was looking for ways to improve my score. Little things like not reading the news so often and that’s the point!

I wasn’t only trying to find small actions to improve my life. I was also looking for the good things that were already happening in my life, but not making time to appreciate them. This is powerful. I felt more grateful and luckier because I was looking for these opportunities. That’s the first step to flying high in your career. You have to look for opportunities for growth.

Dr. Richard Wiseman wanted to understand why some of us are lucky and others can’t seem to catch a break. He asked volunteers to read through newspapers and count how many photos were in them. The people who considered themselves to be lucky would finish the task in mere seconds, while the unlucky ones took an average of two minutes. I bet you are curious as to why. On the second page of the newspaper was a big message that read: “Stop counting, there are 43 photos in this paper.” There was also another message halfway through the paper that read “Stop counting, tell the experimenter you have seen this and win $250.” The people who felt lucky were more likely to notice opportunities and take action versus the people who felt unlucky and couldn’t see past their task.

You can bring more opportunities into your life by looking for them and then taking action, but like we talked about earlier you have to have habits that help make these mindset shifts. That’s why starting with the Rate Your Day routine can really help you develop that foundation. You’ll see yourself from a more positive perspective, but also be willing to keep finding ways to improve each day.

How do you look for power patterns in your life and how do you leverage them?

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash