Find Opportunities at Any Stage with Devin Ambron

Devin Ambron is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist and productivity specialist. He shares how he has built a successful business and is now in a pivot as he figures out his next move. I love how honest he is in this interview as he explains how we can all find opportunities at any stage in our careers.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why he graduated high school with strangers.
  • Learning about what he liked and what he was interested in.
  • How he learned why medical school wasn’t for him.
  • Digging into the clues that helped him figure out his passion.
  • How he got fired from a sales job.
  • What he learned from his time as an Uber driver.
  • You can only map backwards. This is important to finding our threads in our careers.
  • When to let an idea go and move on to the next thing in your career.
  • Seeking change is healthy when balanced within a career.
  • Test, move and shift how you can help your customer.
  • Finding opportunities at any stage in a business.
  • Optimizing your productivity by understanding your personality.
  • The important questions you should ask yourself before you take on a new task.
  • How we can leverage other people’s skills to help grow stronger together.
  • What the first problem is in everyone’s business.
  • Learning the basic processes of business when you have to start over.
  • The power of structuring your business, so it makes you happy.
  • Creating things for ourselves and not judging ourselves on the results.
  • Measuring yourself against yourself and not anyone else.
  • Finding your tribe.
  • Dealing with uncertainty.
  • Everyone’s favorite part of the show – Rapid fire questions.

You can learn about Devin over at his website Devin Ambron. You can also learn more about him over at LinkedIn.

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