Tony Hsieh Interview

The Power of Core Values with Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh the Founder of Zappos passed away last year and it’s made me want to listen to this interview from 10 years ago. I interviewed Tony about how he overcame his fears and turned them into fuel to build an even stronger business.

It’s cool to see how my interview style has grown and also in many ways stayed the same. It’s funny how I ended the interview. I was so nervous that he didn’t even see it coming. It made me laugh out lout.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why Tony quit his well paying day job.
  • How he looked within and decided what he should do next with his career.
  • How he started Link Exchange and sold it for life changing money.
  • Why money doesn’t matter that much and why we shouldn’t dictate our career decisions.
  • Why Link Exchange almost fell apart.
  • What he learned from Link Exchange and how he used these learnings to help him build a more successful company.
  • When Tony went all in on Zappos.
  • How he looked at going to school at Harvard and his mindset, so he could keep doing the things he loved.
  • Growing his confidence.
  • Putting in the time to master a skill
  • Graduating from Harvard.
  • Most people fail at their first business idea.
  • How his definition of success has changed over time.
  • His latest definition of success. This was a precursor to how he viewed life and how his spiral downward might have led to his death.
  • How he was very afraid when he first started talking to large groups. What he did to become more comfortable speaking to audiences.
  • Why our view of public speaking runs very deep.
  • The most important part of hiring someone for your company.
  • How the Amazon acquisition of Zappos was different from most of the other acquisitions that Amazon had done before.
  • If he had to start Zappos all over again what he would do.
  • How he sped up the communication process inside of Zappos so they could move faster.
  • Why people should understand and appreciate the company’s core values and how it helped Zappos scale up as a company.
  • Your company can’t be all things to all people.
  • The power of adding to what you already have.

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