Interview with Lori Allen of Great Escapes

Feeling like an Outcast when Speaking Up with Lori Allen

In this interview you’ll learn about how Lori Allen uses curiosity to help guide her career. Lori is an entrepreneur, founder of Great Escapes, and mother. She explains how she built a business that created the niche and how she advocates for her children in the school system. She also talks about feeling like an outcast when speaking up and how we can break through this mindset.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How Lori’s strengths and weaknesses of being an emotional person has helped her and hindered her in her career and life.
  • Messing with kids’ ice cream parties at school is much more difficult than one would expect.
  • What she is grateful for about being an emotional person.
  • Her entire family worked at the prison near her home. She was the only one that didn’t work at the prison.
  • How her daughter also struggles with her emotions.
  • How strength comes in many different forms.
  • When you don’t support people they feel weak.
  • Making adjustments to her business when the travel writing business wasn’t working.
  • How a strength can turn into a weakness and a weakness can turn into a strength.
  • Notice what you are drawn at an early age to help you guide your career.
  • Why following your curiosity in your career is so important to your happiness.
  • How to combine your strengths and curiosity to grow your career.
  • Why female elephants struggle when they are alone in the wild.
  • How we can feel like an outcast when we speak up.
  • Technique that she uses to get stuff done when she doesn’t feel like doing them.
  • How she gets around her procrastination.
  • Why she fires herself on a project and then rehires herself so she is more creative.
  • Most impactful book, podcast, favorite toy and essential tool to stay focused on essential task.

You can learn more about Lori over at Focused Escapes. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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