Interview with Sonia Simone

Toxic “Suck it up” Culture with Sonia Simone

In this interview you’ll learn about how Sonia Simone, founder of Copyblogger and Creative Fierce, finds ways to process her thoughts and emotions so she can grow as a person and entrepreneur. I enjoyed when Sonia talked about her mental health tools to help her shift her perspective when she is struggling.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How Sonia is working on her ADHD diagnosis.
  • How to take things out in the world and connect them with your life to tell a story.
  • Taking baby steps with your writing.
  • The importance of psychological safety.
  • How to tell a personal story about yourself so it lands for your audience.
  • Turning a stumble into a learning moment.
  • Talking about things that are hard and why it makes her position stronger.
  • How she dealt with the passing of a friend.
  • Why our inner armor is so toxic.
  • How to improve our “suck it up” culture.
  • Why accepting our mistakes helps us grow as a human.
  • Benjamin Zander has shifted from being a tyrant conductor to a growth mindset leader.
  • Talking to yourself is an underutilized skill.
  • Using mental health tools that work for her.
  • Watching how our minds judge people.
  • The power of sending loving thoughts when we are negatively judging people.
  • When we judge other people we increase the internal judgements of ourselves.
  • What it’s like in Sonia’s head. I love how she describes it.
  • Working with the voices in our head.
  • How your values can help inspire you to take action on a tough project.
  • Journaling is really useful because you take the internal and get it outside yourself.
  • Sonia’s most impactful book, podcast, speaker, favorite toy as a kid and essential tool.

You can learn more about Sonia over at Creative Fierce and Unlock Your Words. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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