Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin with Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation is an entrepreneur, podcaster and author. He got on my radar after listening to a number of his podcasts episodes. He is known for giving amazing talks that help people understand where commerce is heading and how to navigate their businesses through it.

My favorite aspect of this interview is that Mitch doesn’t agree with a lot of my ideas and the direction that I try to take the interview in. I think you’ll enjoy the back and forth that goes on in this wonderful 40 minute interview.


1:02 – Three things that Mitch is grateful for.
2:20 – Why he does a lot of self critical thinking.
4:15 – How would he feel if his drive to achieve would go away.
5:07 – Where he finds his motivation.
6:48 – How does he figure out the pace at which he does things.
7:45 – How does he pace himself and still keep moving forward.
9:15 – How does he take time to pause and appreciate.
11:10 – Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
14:25 – Dealing with failure.
17:29 – Ingest and act on information.
19:22 – His mindset around working on a goal.
20:58 – The best part about building a business.
24:16 – Different levels of thinking.
27:29 – Bringing awareness to the choices that you make.
28:35 – Making the shift to getting back to the way you want to live.
29:05 – The practice of being good enough to reach your goal.
30:06 – How to find support yourself when you are feeling down.
31:30 – Why most people don’t work on their mindset.
33:00 – How did he deal with self-judgement.
37:12 – What is one thing that people can do over the next seven days to improve their lives.

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay