Dig to Fly Podcast Launch

The attention to detail was exquisite. The chef placed a small purple edible petal on a scallop then looked at it from above, then from the diner’s point of view, then on the side at table level. You could see the focus and attention to detail that made him a top chef.

Why did he care so much about such a small detail?

Not many chefs care about the deep nature of the garnish on a piece of food. Most chefs don’t have the time to care this much. They have to move on. This chef did not have the time until he built his career to make it possible.

That’s why he cared so much. He wanted the ability to do things the way he wanted. The way he wished he could do it.

We all want some amount of control in our careers. We are very reliant on others, but it’s influence that helps us achieve this small bit of control. To create influence we must do great things. It’s how we earn people’s trust. They’ve seen our success and trust that we can help them. It’s why I’m launching the Dig to Fly podcast. I already have an opening show with three more episodes ready for you. You can subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. with the button below.

They are raw emotion episodes. I wanted to create a podcast that shows how people Dig Deep to Fly High. They break down people’s habits, rituals, and mindset to achieve success. I did not edit out the “Ums” and “Ahhs”. I put my focus on finding amazing people to interview, asking great questions and trying to create entertaining content. I hope you enjoy them.

There will be four shows dropping today. Make sure you subscribe so you can get the latest episode.

I’m excited because the three interviews are with amazing people.

They gave so many great nuggets of wisdom to share with you. There is something wonderful about diving into people’s mindsets and having them share what has worked for them and what hasn’t.

If you have any feedback on the shows I’d love to hear it. Just reply to this email or message me on Facebook or Twitter.